Our Modifications Help Create the Best Solutions for Packagers

Browsing the Liquid Packaging Solutions website shows many different options for packaging machinery such as rinsing equipment, liquid fillers or bottle cappers. However, each of the machines shown on the website also have a nearly unlimited number of options that allow the equipment to be hand-tailored to a specific packager, product or project. When it comes to automatic equipment, it is not a stretch to say that it is rare for any two machines to be built exactly alike!

While some modifications from a "standard" machine may be quite simple, such as adding extra heads to a filling machine, other packaging projects are so unique that they may require a completely custom solution, starting with concept and engineering straight through to the manufacturing of the machinery.

The reasons for these modifications are nearly as numerous as the possible modifications themselves. Products can differ in viscosity, contain particulates, require heat to liquefy for the fill, require components that will not corrode during the packaging process and more. Bottles may be unique shapes, heights or weights. Closures may be one-of-a-kind or labels may be placed in an uncommon position. Each of these characteristics, and many more, will help determine what machine, options and modifications will work well for the individual packager.

In addition to the physical attributes of the components of packaging a product, packagers may be limited by factors such as space or even production demand. For some packagers, a completely automated system simply would not be efficient, either from a production or budgetary standpoint. For others, a semi-automatic system may not meet production demands, but space may not allow a complete, inline packaging system. In many cases, semi-automatic and automatic equipment can be used to meet all needs.

Taking these and many other aspects of a project into account, LPS will then analyze the project as a whole and work with the packager to ensure the best machine is offered for production of all of the packagers products. Even once the equipment is chosen, almost without exception, LPS will request products, bottles, caps, labels and any other components used in the packaging process. As the equipment is manufactured, these samples will be used to run machinery as it would be run during production in the packagers plant. This testing ensures that all equipment will, at a minimum, meet the expectations of packagers when it arrives in their facility. It also allows LPS to identify any possible issues prior to shipping and make any necessary modifications before the machine is put into production.

Although the LPS website shows a number of "standard" packaging machines, it is more precise to say that these machines are a starting point for discovering the best machine for any project. Almost every project will result in a custom packaging machine for the customer. It is this added touch of detail and modification, along with continued support after the delivery of the equipment, that allows LPS to maintain and grow the family of packagers that have partnered with LPS over the years.