Packaging Systems for Distillers Large and Small

Just as there are different types of distilled spirits, there are different types of distillers, with some producing hundreds of thousands of cases annually while others produce just a fraction of those numbers. Without taking any other considerations into account, the variation in the size of the distillers means that the same packaging equipment will not work for each business producing spirits. At Liquid Packaging Solutions, equipment can be manufactured for a wide range of production demand.

While not all packaging systems will include exactly the same machinery, there are certain pieces of packaging equipment that are usually included for any size system for distilled spirits. The first of these machines, the bottle rinser, ensures that the distilled spirits will not be contaminated by dust, debris or other contaminants that may be found in the bottle. Rinsing machines in the distilled spirits industry will typically use either air or product to clean bottles prior to the introduction of the spirits into the bottle. These machines can run automatically, using a conveyor to index bottles in and out of the rinse area. Automatic machines will either invert bottles to complete the rinse or use a special nozzle to loosen debris and vacuum the same out of the bottle.

For smaller distilleries, semi-automatic rinsers allow an operator to place bottles on the rinse nozzle and begin the rinse cycle using a foot switch or finger switch. The operator will then remove the bottles once the rinse is complete and continue the process with the next set of bottles. The main difference is the need for an operator for each cycle when using a semi-automatic bottle rinser versus using an operator to set up and monitor the machine when running automatically with a conveyor system. As for speed of the machinery, the automatic equipment will typically produce more than the semi-automatic simply because the latter can only run as fast as the operator of the machinery.

Other packaging equipment typically seen on a distilled spirits packaging line includes a filling machine and capping or corking equipment. Both of these machines are also available in both automatic and semi-automatic models as well, and just like the rinser, the main difference is the amount of labor required to run the machines. Automatic bottle fillers and corking machines will fill and cap bottles as they move down a power conveyor with an operator required to simply setup and monitor the equipment, as well as occasionally provide bulk bottles and caps or corks. Semi-automatic equipment will need an operator to place bottles for the fill, place caps or load them into a chute, activate the fill or cap process and remove bottles once complete.

Other equipment, such as labelers and capsule spinners, are also manufactured in both automatic and semi-automatic modes, creating options for distillers both large and small. Many distillers may also combine both automatic and semi-automatic equipment to produce a system to meet their own specific needs. To learn more about all of the different equipment available for distillers from LPS, simply browse the website or contact a Packaging Specialist today to discuss your own needs.