Overflow Filling Machine Replacement Parts

Every filling machine has certain components that a packager may want to keep on hand. Extra tubing, air filters and for some maybe even a pump. The type of filling machine, the products being run, the environment of the fill and other factors will help to determine the best spare or wear parts to keep in-house to ensure uninterrupted production of product. But one of the most popular filling machines, the overflow filler, has specific wear parts that should be kept on hand for the unique found on the machine.

Overflow fillers are unique in the packaging world in that they allow liquids to be filled to a specific level in a bottle, regardless of minor differences in the interior volume from bottle to bottle. This type of fill will add aesthetic value and shelf appeal to products in clear containers where consumers can see the product in the bottle or other container when it sits on the shelf.

This fill is achieved by using a nozzle that dives into the bottle while also creating a seal over the bottle opening. The dive and seal allow liquid to enter the bottle until it reaches a specific level, at which time liquid will overflow through a second port on the nozzle, returning to the tank and creating the level finish.

The seals on the nozzle and over the bottle are important to ensure that liquid flows consistently and to achieve the level fill. As nozzles dive, the seals come in contact with the bottle. It is possible, over time, that these seals may wear from this contact and need to be replaced. The overflow nozzle itself is made up of several components including an inner tube and outer tube, nozzle tips, springs and several O-rings, all of which contribute to the level fill. Keeping O-rings, springs and tips in-house can also assure continuous production via quick replacement if the same becomes necessary, as all replacements are easily and quickly completed.

In many cases, Liquid Packaging Solutions will encourage packagers to simply keep additional fill heads, or at least one additional fill head, in-house to ensure all the necessary parts are available immediately, or that a fill head can be replaced while waiting for parts to arrive. While issues with overflow filler heads are not typical, and the machines themselves almost always include controls to turn off one or more fill heads should an issue arise, having a spare or wear parts package available avoids potential issues with supply chain, parts availability and, ultimately, meeting production demand.

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