Spindle Capping Machine Replacement Parts

Spindle capping machines, like almost all packaging equipment, will include parts that will need to be replaced over the life of the machine. These parts are often referred to as wear parts, or parts that come into contact with other parts or components of the packaging process. Over time, wear parts will, as the name suggests, suffer from wear and need to be replaced to maintain the efficiency and reliability of the equipment.

Spindle capping machines use spinning disks to tighten threaded closures as they move down a conveyor belt. The bottle and cap are kept stabile by belts and a stabilizer bar, respectively. Caps are delivered to the bottles via an automatic delivery system which typically ends with a cap held by two fingers that allow the bottle to strip one closure just before entering the capping area. While the process may seem complex, there really only exist two main wear parts on the automatic spindle capper.

As noted above, caps are tightened by spinning disks as they move through the capping machine. These disks contact the cap at different points to spin it securely onto the threads. Over time, the contact will wear the disks away and they will need to be replaced to ensure consistent tightening. Those who use a spindle capping machine are probably aware that the disks are available in different colors. These colors actually represent differences in hardness, or durometer, of the disks. By using the correct durometer, a packager can balance the useful life of the disks with the need to not mar or harm the cap itself. Different durometers may be necessary if caps are being marred during the process or if disks are being replaced too often.

The second common replacement part on the spindle capping machine are the belts that keep the bottle stabile throughout the process. Spindle cappers may use a single set of gripper belts or, in the case of tall or unique bottles, may use a set of double gripper belts. Some projects may use a single set for some bottles and double gripper belts for others. Like the spindle disks, gripper belts will wear over time due to the contact with the bottles. However, proper adjustment of the machine and proper maintenance will keep the belts from being replaced too often.

From time to time, there may be other capper components that may need to be replaced, such as gear boxes or stabilizer bars. However, replacements outside of disks and belts is often the result of improper machine set up or maintenance rather than normal wear and tear. Of course, bottles, closures and even packaging environment can have an effect on all of the parts of the capping machine. For assistance with your spindle capping machine, or for more information on any of the equipment manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, reach out to a Packaging Specialist at LPS today.