Packaging Equipment for Boston Round Bottles

Boston Round bottles are a popular container available in both glass and plastic that historically have been used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. However, the use of these have become more and more popular, helped in part by the recent increased demand for essential oils and CBD oils. Packaging machinery for Boston Round bottles can vary quite a bit, depending on the product and other components such as inserts and closures.

Filling machines for Boston Round bottles can pretty much use any filling principle available, though tincture style bottles are currently popular and in high use. Fills can range from a few milliliters to many ounces, depending on the product being packaged. The semi-transparency of the Boston Rounds makes the fill to a level, overflow machine an ideal choice for some products, while others using these containers may prefer to fill by volume. The size of the bottle may also affect the type of liquid filler that will be used, while the ever-growing number of products employing Boston Round bottles means nearly every type of filling machine may be seen delivering product to these bottles, from pumps to pistons and more.

As for capping Boston Round bottles, the versatile containers can handle a wide range of tops. A majority of the closures for Boston Round bottles will be a screw-on type cap, though these too come in many forms. A simple flat cap may screw on to a Boston Round similar to a bottled water or soft drink cap. Essential oils, CBD oils and pharmaceuticals often employ droppers as well and other tops could include trigger sprayers, flip tops and more. Still, if the caps screw on, they will likely be tightened using either a spindle capping machine or a chuck capper.

Of course, smaller tincture style bottles that are becoming more and more popular, as well as other unique components of packaging projects using Boston Rounds can sometimes call for custom packaging solutions. While many packaging lines for Boston Rounds will be set up as inline systems that include turntables for loading, power conveyors sytems, bottle rinsers, filling machines, capping equipment and more, other solutions do exist. Smaller bottles may take advantage of a monoblock packaging system, using a starwheel to move bottles rather than the conveyor system. Packagers with a local or regional customer base may also take advantage of semi-automatic equipment to prepare Boston Round bottles, including tabletop fillers and cappers.

As Boston Round bottles expand to more and more markets, so grow the different packaging machines used to prepare them for the shelf. If you have projects using Boston Round containers, LPS can help you find the best solution for your specific needs. Contact a Packaging Specialist at Liquid Packaging Solutions today to learn more about the different options for preparing Boston Round bottles for the shelf.