Packaging Machinery and Shelf Impact

Shelf impact is important to any packager competing with similar brands across any industry. Clean, consistent bottles, jars or other containers present product to the consumers in the best light possible, and may work as an attempt to stand out or distinguish one product from its competition. Packaging machinery provides one tool that can be used to enhance shelf impact.


While liquid fillers are used to put product in containers, they can also have a positive influence on shelf impact. This can be seen on an overflow filler more than any other filling machine. When clear containers are used, the overflow filler will ensure the liquid released to each bottle reaches the same level in each bottle, adding aesthetic value to the bottles when lined up next to each other on the shelf. Other filling machines, such as gravity fillers and net weight filling machines, can ensure the correct volume or weight reaches the container, but the level fill on clear containers undoubtedly helps positively influence the way the actual liquid product looks on the shelf.


Bottle cappers positively affect shelf impact by ensuring that closures remain closed. By using a reliable and consistent capping machine to tighten the closures, packagers can help to ensure bottles remain sealed and protected, avoiding spills, splashes or leaks when containers are handled. In some circumstances, caps or lids may be oriented to ensure all closures are facing the same direction, adding symmetry to the shelf appearance as well. While different caps will require different types of machinery, the consistency and reliability will always remain two of the benefits of automating the capping process. Other sealing options, such as neck bands or capsules, can help provide tamper evidence while also making the product more pleasing to the eye.


Labelers can provide products with a wrap around banner, front and back labels, large labels, small labels, circles, squares or just about any other format imaginable. As for shelf impact, a label on any product provide an opportunity more than any other component of a package to present the product information to the potential consumer. Labeling machinery helps to ensure that those labels are applied both consistently and reliably and in the format desired. Like capping machines, labeling equipment can also help to ensure that labels are oriented correctly, providing symmetry for cans, bottles and other containers. These packaging machines also help to assure that labels are applied without wrinkles to make the product appearance pleasing to the eye. Labelers can provide products with a wrap around banner, front and back labels, large labels, small labels, circles, squares and just about any format imaginable.

Other packaging equipment, including custom designed machinery, can also be designed and manufactured to not only prepare product for the shelf, but also do so in a way that makes the product appealing to the end user. For more information on fillers, cappers, labelers or any other packaging equipment, browse the LPS website or contact an LPS Packaging Specialist today.