Packaging Equipment for CBD Oils and Cannabis Infused Products

As more and more items are being added to the list of CBD oil benefits, the product is becoming more and more popular. Similarly, cannabis infused products are hitting the market on a daily basis as regulations are relaxed or removed in the industry. While these two products are somewhat related, the packaging machinery used for each will likely differ significantly.

One of the most popular ways to package CBD oils includes a small volume container with a dropper. While small containers can be run on an inline packaging system, the typical CBD oil package can be ideal for a monoblock packaging system. The monoblock system not only saves space, but also allows for multiple packaging phases to occur in that small space. Rather than using conveyors to connect filling equipment, bottle cappers and other machinery, the monoblock uses a starwheel to index containers around a circle. The packaging phases mentioned above take place at different locations on the starwheel. For CBD oils, for example, once the bottle enters the starwheel, it can receive product at the first stop, have a dropper inserted at the second stop and tighten the dropper at the third stop. The functions on the monoblock system can be customized to fit the packagers needs, should a unique container, dropper or other cap be used for the oils.

Cannabis infused products, on the other hand, can include a wide range of different products, which means a wide range of containers, closures, labels and more. From foods and beverages to skin creams, soaps and more, these products may range in viscosity and volume. For this reason, an inline packaging system will normally be used for cannabis infused products. The set up for the inline system will depend in part on the product, package, caps, labels and other components of the project, but will typically include a filler, capper and labeler, along with a power conveyor system and a loading and unloading area.
The inline system is also better suited to products where the containers may range in size from small to large, allowing for quick and easy changeover and set up of the various machines.

As with any industry, there may be exceptions to the typical packaging line. When a unique product or package comes in to play, Liquid Packaging Solutions will modify or even customize packaging equipment to ensure that the packaging process works in a reliable and efficient manner. For more information about these packaging systems, check out some turnkey solutions for the industry, or if you have questions about equipment for CBD oils or Cannabis Infused products, call LPS to speak with a representative today.