Packaging Equipment for Small Business

Businesses across the United States, and around the world, come in all sizes. Some packagers employ thousands while others consist of only a few employees. For this reason, no packaging system exists that is the right fit for any and all packagers. At Liquid Packaging Solutions, different levels of automation are offered on packaging equipment to help meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

Of course, LPS manufactures completely automated packaging lines, from loading empty bottles right down to preparing them to ship to the consumers. But as noted above, not everyone needs to produce tens of thousands of product each day. For smaller businesses or craft packagers, their production demand may only reach a few hundred a day, or even a few hundred a month! For these packagers, the different levels of packaging machinery automation can allow for added efficiency, consistency and reliability in the process without breaking the bank.

Semi-automatic packaging equipment, from rinsing machines to fillers, cappers and more, allow smaller businesses to automate their packaging processes. While many of these machines will add speed to the overall process, they offer other benefits as well. For example, capping machinery will allow for a repeatable tightening or sealing process, with the first closure of the production day being put in place in the same manner as the last closure of the day. The semi-automatic machines minimize over-tightened, cross-threaded or otherwise mis-applied caps that might result from employee fatigue over the course of a production day. These machines remove the risk of repetitive motion injuries for some closures that may result from, for instance, twisting on caps for an eight-hour shift.

Semi-automatic filling machines offer all of the principles of automatic machines, allowing smaller packagers to fill by volume, level or other method. These machines can also be manufactured to fill multiple bottles at once with accurate volumes or levels. Semi-automatic fillers, like many semi-automatic machines, can be built as simple tabletop equipment, or they can be manufactured on a full frame with additional heads for those with medium production demand.

Semi-automatic equipment manufactured on a full-sized frame can also leave more room for upgrades to the machinery in the future, allowing packaging machinery to grow with the company! In some cases, the equipment can even be upgraded to a fully automatic machine in the future if growth or expansion make such an upgrade necessary. Even within the semi-automatic machinery category, many different levels of automation exist. To learn more about the semi-automatic equipment manufactured at LPS, simply browse the categories of equipment by your interest to see the semi-automatic machines offered. To contact a Packaging Specialist about your project, simply fill out the Quick Connect form found on every page of the LPS website, or call LPS at 1-219-393-3600.