Packaging Machinery and Integration

Automating packaging processes can be a process that takes time, depending on the packager, products, demand and many other factors. Some packagers may acquire a completely automated system for all packaging processes from day one, but many packagers will build their automated system over time, adding semi-automatic and automatic equipment as the need arises. Integration allows packagers to combine equipment from the same or different equipment manufacturers at just about any time, allowing the packaging system to grow with the company.

Integration is a service offered by Liquid Packaging Solutions to all packagers and that service can come into play in a couple of different ways. First, when LPS works with a packager looking for a complete system, LPS equipment may be combined with machinery from other equipment manufacturers (OEMs). In the packaging industry, machinery exists for just about any process available, from unscrambling bottles at the beginning of a line to rinsing, filling and capping bottles and products, to palletizing boxes of finished product at the end of a line. For some lines, it may be difficult, if not impossible, to find one manufacturer that builds all of the equipment a single packager desires for their system.

For instance, LPS manufactures rinsing machinery, filling machines and capping equipment, but not labeling machinery. Instead, LPS works with companies that specialize in manufacturing labelers for all types of containers. When a packager is looking for solutions to rinse, fill, cap and label bottles, LPS can integrate a labeling machine into the line that includes the LPS equipment to meet the needs of the packager, allowing the packager to meet all their needs through one point of contact in most cases.

Where equipment already exists, LPS machinery can be integrated into the existing packaging line to upgrade or add to the processes already in place. This type of integration may occur when a business has automated only certain aspects of their packaging process. A small or medium sized packager may fill container by hand while using semi-automatic equipment to cap and label bottles. If demand increases and the packager requires more speed, LPS can add a filling machine to complement the capper and labeler that are already in existence, again allowing the packaging system to grow with the company.

Whether using automatic or semi-automatic packaging machinery, or some combination of both, integration of equipment is a service that allows packagers to not only acquire all of the packaging machinery necessary, but to do so as their demand and desires warrant. To learn more about LPS equipment, integration and all of the solutions available for your own packaging process, contact LPS to speak with a Packaging Specialist today.