Packaging Machinery Benefits for Contract Packagers

As contract packagers are used for a great number of different products, it should come as no surprise that a single contract packager may have clients that package a variety of products. While some may specialize in a certain industry or area, others may provide services for a wider range of products. Choosing packaging machinery to meet the needs of contract packagers can be more challenging when products vary or future contracts are unknown!

While packaging machinery can offer many benefits to contract packagers depending on the specific project or contracts, there are two specific benefits that are key to packaging machinery used by such packagers. The first is versatility. Packaging machinery that can handle a range of products, bottle and cap sizes will obviously be more valuable to a contract packager that prepares a number of other products for other companies.

For example, certain filling machines may work better for certain products, but many liquid fillers can handle a range of products and viscosities. Finding a filling solution for a contract packager would entail, in part, analyzing the products they fill as well as potential future products to find a machine that will fit their needs.

While capping machinery is typically manufactured for a specific type of closure, even these machines can handle a variety of cap sizes. Custom machinery can also be manufactured, such as the Spindle and Snap Capper, that allows different types of caps to be sealed on the same machine.

Second, no matter the equipment being used, rinsers, fillers, cappers, conveyors and other equipment should also be easily adjustable to cut back downtime, as contract packagers usually will have more changeovers than a typical packager. Contract packagers should look for equipment that can quickly and easily be set up for different products, bottles, caps, labels and other components.

Again, an example would be the Recipe screen on a filling machine. Once a particular bottle and product combination has been set up, all of the settings, such as fill and indexing times, can be recorded on an easily accessible touchscreen panel. Rather than taking the time to set the combination up each time it is run, all of the settings can be recalled with the touch of a button. Conveyor railing, fill head width and height and other simple adjustments can normally be done by loosening, positioning and retightening hand knobs, also cutting down on set up and changeover time.

Liquid Packaging Solutions understands that two key components of packaging machinery for contract packagers is versatility and ease of changeover. By design, LPS attempts to incorporate these two key benefits in to every machine put into production. This allows contract packagers to serve more clients without purchasing new equipment every time a new contract is procured!

To learn more about any of the rinsing, filling or capping options offered by Liquid Packaging Solutions, or any of the other equipment built at the La Porte, Indiana plant, browse the LPS website or contact the offices today.