Packaging Machinery for Hand Sanitizer

As the United States, along with the rest of the world, continues to battle the current pandemic, certain products have become much more popular, and rightly more important, to consumers. Hand sanitizers, with the ability to help keep the virus at bay, is one of these products. At Liquid Packaging Solutions, we have seen an influx of new companies preparing to package this liquid, as well as some old packaging friends in the distilled spirits industry switching to producing hand sanitizer to help out as well. Whether switching products or looking to set up new hand sanitizer production on a local, national or global level, LPS has equipment that can help to quickly prepare the product for the public.


In the last few months, there has been some guidance on choosing a hand sanitizer, such as looking at the alcohol content and other ingredients. While hand sanitizers all attempt to serve a similar purpose, they are not all made alike! For this reason, one of several filling machines may be used to package hand sanitizer. From simple semi-automatic tabletop piston fillers to automatic gravity and overflow machines, the equipment for any given hand sanitizer project will be chosen based on the product, the production demand, space and many other factors. LPS Packaging Specialists are always available to assist in determining the best solution for any project.


Like the bottle filler, the type of capping machine used for hand sanitizer projects may differ based on the closure used for the bottles being filled. However, many hand sanitizers use a continuous-thread, or screw-on, type closure. A simple screw-on type cap is the kind found on a bottle or water or other drink products. However, these closures can take on many different forms, such as flip-top caps, pumps, sprays and more. Any of these closure types can be tightened using either a spindle capper or chuck capping machine, and these two machines will likely be seen more than any other on a hand sanitizer packaging line. Both spindle and chuck cappers are available as semi-automatic and automatic machinery, able to serve the needs of packaging products both large and small.


Whether in bulk containers or small bottles for individual use, machinery is available to apply labels to hand sanitizers in a variety of configurations. Some may use a wrap label while others apply just a front label or a front and back label. As with both fillers and cappers, labelers are available in semi-automatic and automatic models, allowing packagers both large and small to quickly prepare product.

Other equipment - turntables, conveyors, rinsing machinery and more - is available to allow packagers of hand sanitizer to assemble a complete packaging line to meet their own unique needs, all from Liquid Packaging Solutions! For more information on any of the equipment used for hand sanitizer, browse the LPS website or contact LPS today.