Power Conveyor Systems for Bottles of All Sizes

While each and every machine in a packaging system must perform efficiently to ensure the entire process remains efficient, the movement of bottles from one machine to another is just as important in keeping things productive. Even when rinsing, filling and capping quickly, the efficiency of the process as a whole can be damaged greatly if the movement of containers is not smooth and consistent.

Liquid Packaging Solutions manufactures power conveyor systems to meet the specific needs of the packaging project at hand. These conveyors can take on many different styles. Low profile conveyors can be used for tight fits, allowing extra room around the frame holding the belt. Sanitary style conveyors are manufactured with raised belts to allow for easier and quicker cleaning. Other conveyor types offer different benefits that may provide a solution for specific or unique packaging projects.

In addition, power conveyor systems can use different belt types and sizes to accommodate the needs of almost any packaging line. Wider belt along with adjustable guide rails allows a single conveyor system to handle a range of container widths. Adding double guide rails to the conveyors can also allow the system to keep taller bottles stable as well. When changing over from one bottle size to another, operators need only adjust the guiderails, in and out or up and down, depending on the bottles.

Belt or chain material can be chosen to match the needs of the individual packaging project as well. From heat resistant belt for molten projects or heat shrink components to anti-static belts to avoid electrical charges on the belt in hazardous environments, conveyor belting choices help ensure not just efficiency but safety for operators, products and the process as a whole. Some packaging lines may use different types of belting for different tasks as the bottles move down the line.

Conveyor systems can also be set up in a straight line or in an alternative manner to meet the needs of the packager. In addition to long, straight systems to connect packaging machines, conveyor sections can be curved, raised, lowered or otherwise modified. This flexibility allows extra efficiency by letting packagers strategically place machinery and loading and packing stations in strategic locations. For example, a curved conveyor could allow the loading of bottles to take place near the container storage area while also allowing packing near the shipping dock.

To learn more about the different options available from Liquid Packaging Solutions, browse the Conveyor Section of the LPS website. For assistance in finding the best solutions for your own conveyor project, contact a Packaging Specialist at LPS today!