Packaging Machinery for the Cosmetic Industry

Packaging Machinery for the Cosmetic Industry

Cosmetics can be defined as a product that is applied to the body to increase beauty and/or hide a defect.  These products can range from lipstick, eye shadow and other makeup to nail polish, facial creams, skin lotions and shampoo.  Even perfumes and toothpaste could be considered a cosmetic product under a broad definition.  The products being packaged in the cosmetic industry are wide and varied, as are the packaging machines that can be used to prepare these products for sale.


Many cosmetic lotions hit the market as "pure" cleansers, such as anti-aging and other skin creams.  To keep a product "pure", the packaging system must also remain sanitary.  Container cleaning equipment, such as automatic rinsing machines and bottle vacuums, help to ensure that the product does not become contaminated by dirt, dust or other debris that may settle into the container prior to the container reaching the filling machine.  Rinsing machines may use clean air, water or other media to rinse contaminants from bottles before moving them along a power conveyor system to the fill area.  For cosmetic manufacturers with lower output, container cleaning machines are available in manual and semi-automatic configurations as well.


The filling machine used for any cosmetic product will depend on the product itself.  Like container cleaning equipment, filling equipment is available in different levels of automation.  However, the type of filling principle used will be determined by the product rather than the production requirement.  Overflow fillers and gravity filling machines may be ideal for some cosmetic products such as mouthwash, perfume and others with lower viscosities.  Piston fillers and pump filling equipment will be a better choice for thick creams, toothpaste and other cosmetic products with higher viscosities.  Filling machines will also work with a wide range of containers, from glass and plastic bottles to pouches or bags and custom containers for unique cosmetic products.   


Capping machines are used to seal and protect products once they have moved through the filling process.  Cappers can be as simple as a handheld chuck capper to apply torque to one cap and container at a time.  Other capping equipment will allow for continuous capping by using a cap delivery system and an automated conveyor system.  For perfumes and similar products, snap cappers or plunger type cappers can achieve efficiency and consistency in the capping process.  Just as no single filling machine will work with every cosmetic product, no single capping machine will suffice either.  The best capping machine for any cosmetic product will depend on the cap and container chosen for the product and the production requirements necessary for the product.  


Once the cosmetic product is filled and capped, the label can be applied in any number of different manners.  Keep in mind that it is the product label that provides an opportunity to not only inform your potential customer, but to set yourself apart from the competition as well.  Labeling machines can promote creativity by allowing labels to be applied to the front and back of a product, wrapped around the product, as a three panel design or any other custom application.  Pressure sensitive labeling machine will normally work well with glass or plastic containers and coding equipment will allow for lot numbers, expiration dates or other information to be printed directly to the label.  Like other equipment, labeling machines for cosmetic products are available in different automation levels to meet the production needs of each individual packager.


Many other packaging machines may be used on a packaging system for cosmetics.  Both power conveyor systems and non-power conveyors may be used to add efficiency to the packaging process.  Induction sealers and neck banders can provide tamper evidence for products.  Cartoners or shrink wrap bundlers allow for additional packaging options.  The packaging equipment used on any cosmetic line will be determined by the product, the containers and the production requirements necessary.  For more information on any of the packaging machinery mentioned above, or for questions regarding other packaging machine options, contact a Packaging Specialist toll free today: