Packaging Machinery Parts Inquiries and Requests

While day-to-day business activities are being modified across the United States and around the world, allowing companies to continue to function amid the Covid-19 outbreak, some tasks simply remain the same! At Liquid Packaging Solutions, we are doing everything we can to keep those packaging foods, beverages, medicines, sanitizers and other essential products up and running without interruption.

Part of our job is to ensure that wear and spare parts are available to keep current machinery up and running. At LPS, we stock hundreds of standard parts for power conveyors, rinsing machinery, filling machines, capping equipment and much more. Generally speaking, wear parts are often contact parts on packaging machinery. Nozzle seals on overflow fillers or the disks used for tightening closures on a spindle capper are examples of wear parts. For packagers, it is always a good idea to keep additional wear parts in stock for quick replacement when the parts have run through their useful life. For those not sure of what wear and spare parts may exist on their own machinery, LPS representatives can assist in identifying such parts and in ensuring packagers are prepared to minimize downtime should parts need to be replaced.

We also recognize that certain segments of our industry are currently seeing a significant jump in demand for specific products. Simple upgrades may also available for those experiencing such increased demand at this time. For example, many filling machines can be upgraded by simply hooking up additional nozzles to the already existing machine, up to a maximum for the type of machine being used for any given project. LPS representatives can also assist packagers that are unsure of the available upgrades to current equipment.

To request a parts quote or for questions regarding parts or upgrades, the LPS Parts Department can be reached Toll-Free at 1-888-393-3693 or packagers can send in a request via the Quick Connect box found on every page of the LPS website! Packagers can also email the LPS Parts Department at with any inquiries. In addition to parts, LPS also continues to offer technical support and handle incoming requests for new machinery where it is needed. For support or information on new equipment, simply call the toll-free number above or use the Quick Connect and Quote Request forms on the LPS website.

To all of our packagers, stay safe and do not hesitate to reach out to LPS is we can help!