Packaging Machinery to Grow with Your Company

When searching for packaging equipment, companies will always look to the speed of the machine to ensure that production demand will be met. However, very few packagers will have static demands. Most industries that package products will have cyclical demand, at times increasing and at others decreasing. New products will also grow in popularity, increasing demand over time. In addition, unforseen circumstances, just like the pandemic, can cause higher demand for some products and lower for others. For this reason, it is never wise to look for machinery that only meets current production needs.

While purchasing equipment that will produce more than currently necessary is one solution, there does exist a second. At Liquid Packaging Solutions, many packaging machines are built to allow for future upgrades that will add speed and efficient production to the packaging process. Such upgrades can be found across different types of machines as well as among both semi-automatic and automatic equipment.

Filling machines, for example, can be manufactured with one or multiple fill heads. Packagers can acquire and install a filling machine to meet their needs. If a packager puts a four-head automatic filler into production to meet needs, they may be able to add up to twelve additional nozzles to increase production output, depending on the type of machine, product and bottles being used. Starting with four heads and the ability to move up to sixteen allows a packager to nearly quadruple output on the same liquid filler.

Construction of semi-automatic machines can also incorporate a full frame normally used for automatic equipment. This type of upgrade allows packagers who may have a low or medium demand to upgrade to automatic equipment if such demand grows in the future. A packager can start with manual labor using the semi-automatic equipment and move to full automation at a later date, again allowing the equipment to grow with the packager.

Finally, custom packaging machinery can also be built to meet the specific needs of a packager, both current and anticipated future needs. Building equipment to meet the specific needs of a packaging project allows Liquid Packaging Solutions the freedom to engineer, modify and otherwise change designs to give each packager what they both need and desire.

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