Packaging Machinery Versatility

Versatility, quite appropriately, has several different variations in the definition of the word. For packaging machinery, we will look at two different ways the word is defined. First, versatile may be defined as something that has many different uses. However, being versatile can also mean variable or changeable. Packaging equipment from Liquid Packaging Solutions can also be defined by either use of versatile.


So how can packaging machinery have many uses? A filler fills, a capper caps, right? While this is true, a single filling machine can handle many different projects, or variations of the same project. Some companies might run multiple products, while most companies will use multiple bottles. One filling machine may be capable of filling both small and large containers with the same or different products. The same is true of capping machinery. Though a spindle capper will only handle screw-on type closures, these closures may switch from simple flat top caps to flip tops, sports caps, wide caps and even trigger sprayers or pumps, all of which can be variations of screw-on type closures.

In some cases, different principles of filling or capping may be merged into the same machine to increase versatility. For example, a filling machine may combine both overflow and gravity filling principles to handle a variety of products or combine products. Spindle and snap capping machines may also be combined to allow for the capping of more than just screw-on type closures. While these combination machines may not be the most popular equipment at LPS, they do allow for unique solutions for certain products and for contract packagers.


In addition to having many uses, LPS packaging machinery can change to meet the needs of the packager using the equipment, or grow as a company grows. LPS manufactures a wide range of automatic packaging equipment, but we also design and build semi-automatic equipment as well. Many businesses will not begin production with a fully automatic packaging line. Instead, automation may occur in stages. LPS manufactures equipment that is easily upgradeable as production demands increase. Even tabletop filling machines can add extra heads as the need arises, up to a maximum amount. Semi-automatic equipment, from rinsing machines to bottle fillers and bottle cappers, can all be built on automatic frames to meet current production demands. When those demands grow, indexing systems and PLC's can be added to the machinery to automate production and increase output.

From tabletop machinery to fully automatic turnkey packaging solutions, LPS machinery is built to grow with the company using the equipment. While "standard" models of container cleaning equipment, liquid fillers and capping machines exist, all equipment is "custom" in that machinery will be modified and built to the needs of the individual packager. Preparing custom machinery for all of the different products and projects we see in the packaging machinery requires LPS to be versatile in our thinking as well as in our manufacturing. To learn more about the equipment and services provided by Liquid Packaging Solutions, simply browse our website or call our Packaging Specialists to discuss your project.