Packaging System Core: Fill, Cap and Label


Though liquid packaging systems can take on many shapes and forms, the basic liquid packaging system will almost always include a filling machine, capping machine and labeling machine.  Liquid Packaging Solutions offers many different options in each of these three categories. 

Liquid Fillers

Liquid Packaging Solutions manufactures liquid filling equipment to handle almost any liquid product.  Overflow filling machines and gravity fillers are available for thin, free flowing products like water.  Pump filling equipment and piston fillers are manufactured to handle thicker products like creams and pastes.  Fillers can be built to work as stand alone packaging machines or as an inline component of an automated packaging system.  Tabletop filling systems allow an alternative for facilities with low production rates or special liquid filling projects. 

Capping Machines

Cappers manufactured by LPS range from manual, handheld equipment to fully automated, continous capping machines.  Handheld chuck capping machines and semi-automatic cappers can increase efficieny and consistency in facilities with low to medium capping requirements.  These machines will normally require an operator to place a cap on the bottle before allowing the capping machine to tighten the cap.  Automatic capping machines are normally a component of an automated packaging system.  The most popular automatic capper is probably the spindle capper.  The spindle capper uses sets of spining discs to tighten caps onto bottles.  The popularity of the spindle capper can be attributed to the fact that the capping machine can handle a wide range of cap and bottle types and sizes, and changeover from one container or cap to another is simple.  Automatic cappers are also available as chuck cappers, snap cappers and ROPP Cappers.  Custom capping machinery can be manufactured for special containers, caps or projects.

Labeling Equipment

Labelers play an important part in presenting your product to your customers.  Product labels can include company logos as well as important product information such as ingredients and expiration dates.  The label, more than any other aspect of your product, is what your customers will see.  Labeling equipment offered by Liquid Packaging Solutions allows product labels to be applied in a variety of different formats.  Simple labels can be applied to the front of a bottle, wrapped around a bottle or even placed on the front and back of a bottle.  These labeling machines are available for any production range, from manual label dispensers to automatic labelers. 

Of course, filling equipment, capping machines and labelers only make up the core of a packaging system.  Liquid Packaging Solutions also offers an array of conveyors, both powered and non-powered, to move product through the packaging line.  LPS manufactures container cleaning equipment for the rinsing and washing of bottles prior to filling, capping and labeling.  If you have questions about any of the packaging equipment found on our website, or you would like to discuss your options when setting up a packaging line, call one of our Packaging Specialists toll free today at 1-888-393-3693.