Bottle Cleaners - Wet Rinsers and Air Rinsers

Federal, state and local laws and regulations may require a bottling plant to meet certain cleanliness standards before putting products on the shelf! Packagers should always be aware of the rules and regulations that apply to their area. Packaging machinery can help insure that these standards are met! Below you will find a few of the bottle cleaner options offered by Liquid Packaging Solutions, including bottle washers and bottle rinsers that can be used alone or added to any packaging system.

Wet Rinsers

Wet rinsers are offered in manual, semi-automatic and automatic models, so they are available for any packaging system regardless of the size of the production run. The manual wet rinser allows the user to place one or two bottles on rinse nozzles. The nozzles can then be actuated by stepping on a footswitch. The water from the nozzles sprays the inside of the containers washing away any dust or debris, readying the container for the next step in the packaging system.

Semi-automatic bottle washers offer those bottling three, four or five gallon bottles an efficient manner in which to clean the larger bottles. The user of the semi-automatic bottle washer places the containers upside down on the rinse heads. Once in place, the rinse chamber door is closed and the rinse cycle is activated via a switch on the door! The semi-automatic bottle washer offers up to four rinse stages, including pre-rinse, wash, sanitize and final rinse.

The automatic bottle wet rinser is ideal for larger, quicker production runs. This inline wet rinser first indexes bottles into the rinse chamber. Bottle grippers hold the bottles in place as the wet rinser inverts the bottles over a rinse basin and each bottle is individually rinsed with high pressure jets of water or other rinse media. Bottles are then returned to the conveyor and index out of the wet rinsing machine to make their way to the next packaging station, such as filling, capping or labeling. This machine can be manufactured with up to twelve rinse heads and includes a memory in the PLC control that will allow storage of different rinsing and indexing recipes!

Air Rinsers or Bottle Vacuums

As an alternative to using water as a rinsing or cleaning media, Liquid Packaging Solutions offers an automatic air rinser - also known as a bottle vacuum. The automatic air rinser creates a de-ionizing air curtain under which the bottles pass, neutralizing any static charge in or on the containers. Containers then move under the dual action cleaning nozzles, which dive into the containers and first blow to dislodge foreign particulates. The particulates are then sucked out by the vacuum system into an easily removable and cleanable waste reservoir.

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