Partner With LPS to Find the Best Packaging Solution

The options available for rinsing, filling, capping and otherwise preparing product for the end user are numerous. Should a packager rinse with air? Water? Product? Are liquids best filled to a level, or by volume? What type of capping machine will work with the closures being used to seal our product?

Even outside of the rinse, fill cap realm there are a lot of questions to ask to identify the most efficient and ideal solution for any project. How should bottles be loaded? Is there an easy way to collect the finished product for packaging? Which type of conveyors are best for moving my projects between machines?

And even outside of machine questions there are more general questions which may be hard to answer for those new to packaging equipment. What level of automation do I need? How much manual labor will be required to operate the equipment I do choose? How long will the equipment last?

While the questions may differ slightly for each individual project, all of these and other questions should be answered before machinery is chosen for any packager. While Liquid Packaging Solutions is a manufacturer of machinery, our representatives are always available to answer these and any other questions packagers may have about packaging equipment. In fact, we encourage packagers to call and ask questions regarding equipment to start a partnership well before any machinery is built.

And at LPS, that partnership continues throughout the manufacturing process and into the time when the equipment is put into service. Packaging machinery experience differs from business to business. Some companies may have nearly as much know-how as LPS, stemming from decades of using equipment on the plant floors, while others may have no previous experience with packaging automation. LPS is available from the planning stage to the production stage for both of these companies as well as every experience level in between.

How does this partnership work? While the process may differ from business to business, generally speaking it begins with a conversation. LPS Packaging Specialists will speak with a packager to learn about their products, processes and goals. This may include plant visits or early requests for bottles, caps or product samples. After the initial discovery of materials and goals, LPS representatives will explain the different options available to achieve those goals and provide the packager with a budgetary quote, line layout, video samples of similar machines or other materials that will help to visualize the ideal solution. While this process may include many different meetings and back and forth communications, the end goal remains the same, to find the ideal and most efficient packaging solution for the given project.

Once this is achieved, the next step in the partnership would be the manufacture of the chosen packaging equipment. LPS will typically build all of the equipment in the La Porte, Indiana plant, but also offers integration services, meaning that OEM equipment can also be added to the packaging line or solution chosen, allowing packagers to acquire all of the necessary equipment from one point of contact. Once manufacturing is complete, the packager will be offered the opportunity to attend a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), either in-person or via a video conference, to see the finished product in action. Whenever possible LPS will perform the FAT with packager bottles, caps, product, labels and any other components of the packaging. The FAT both ensures packagers that the equipment works as intended and allows LPS to make any necessary changes, additions or adjustments before equipment is shipped to the packagers production floor, saving both companies time and money.

Finally, LPS can help install equipment at the final destination and train those that will be using the machinery to ensure the equipment runs properly and efficiently from Day One. Even after installers leave, the partnership continues with technical support and a fully stocked spare parts department to assist when issues arise or wear parts need to be replaced. So whether you're looking for a single piece of equipment, a complete line, your first solution or your 500th solution, give LPS a call and see for yourself what a Packaging Partner can do for you.