Popular Liquid Packaging Machinery

Popular Liquid Packaging Machinery

While every product being packaged may use unique packaging equipment, there are certain packaging machines that are more popluar than others.  One of the reasons a specific packaging machine may be more popular is versatility.  A capping machine that can handle a wide range of caps, such as a spindle capper, will be more popular than an ROPP capper, which will usually require change parts for different ROPP caps. Other packaging machines may be more popular due to specific features, such as the overflow filler's ability to consistently fill to a level (making products with transparent packaging look good on the shelf).  Below is a brief description of some of the more popular packaging machinery produced by Liquid Packaging Solutions along with a YouTube link to see them for yourself.

1.  Overflow Filling Machine

As mentioned above, the overflow filler allows bottles to be filled to the same level, regardless of small differences in the internal volume of the bottle.  This means that glass cleaners, bottled water, ketchup and other products often seen in see-through containers will have a uniform appearance when displayed on the shelf and, hopefully, draw the eye of the consumer.  Overflow fillers are available in automatic, semi-automatic and tabletop models, making them a useful packaging machine for any facility packaging thin to medium viscosity products.

Check out the overflow filler at http://youtu.be/OAykLl2sp-c

2.  Spindle Capping Machines

Also mentioned above, the spindle capper is a versatile capping machine that can handle flat caps, sports caps, trigger sprayers and a large number of other cap types and styles.  The spindle capper is normally used on an automated packaging line and allows for continuous capping, though semi-automatic cappers and even a tabletop spindle-type capper is available.  Changing over from one cap type or size to another is also made quick and easy on the spindle capping machine, another reason for this capper's popularity.

Check out the spindle capping machine at http://youtu.be/LLxBsKkLgNU

3.  Power Conveyor Systems

Any automated packaging system will require a power conveyor system, and often power conveyors are used to simply move products from one section of a facility to another.  Whether conveying bottles from the liquid filler to the capping machine and the labeling equipment or simply moving product from production to shipping, power conveyors are time saving packaging machines.  Available in aluminum, stainless steel and HDPE, conveyor systems are popular thanks in large part to their efficiency and variety of uses.

Watch us test a conveyor and challenge our production staff at http://youtu.be/_etaY0DpmQQ

4.  Automatic Air Rinsers

Container cleaning equipment is often a required component of a packaging line in certain industries.  The Dairy Industry, Food & Beverage and Pharmaceuticals all deal with consumable products.  The danger of contamination must be controlled to ensure a pure product reaches the end user.  Air rinsing machines are used to remove dust and debris from containers before they reach the liquid filler and are sealed and labeled by capping equipment, induction sealers, neck banders and labelers.  These rinsing machines can handle glass or plastic bottles in many sizes and shapes and are available in several levels of automation.

See the air rinsing machine in action at http://youtu.be/jXitIxnbFg8

Click on the channel link while watching any of the above videos to visit our channel and see even more packaging machinery in action.  If you would like to see videos of a specific machine, or have questions about any of the packaging equipment manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, call toll-free at 1-888-393-3693.