Power Conveyor Systems for Custom Packaging Solutions

Power Conveyor Systems for Custom Packaging Solutions

To fully automate a packaging line, in more cases than not, a power conveyor system will be necessary to move bottles or other containers from one machine to the next.  The type of conveyor to be used for any given packaging project will depend on a number of different, and often unique, factors, such as bottle size, speed, space and even the products being run.  In addition to different heights, different widths and specific belt types, certain types of power conveyors will be used to solve unique packaging problems, a few of which are described in more detail below.


Think of low profile conveyor systems as taking up as little space as possible to fit in tight spots as well as in and through machines.  When space is at a premium, these conveyor systems can be used to efficiently and effectively move bottles and containers from the filling machine to the capping machine, through the labeler and to any other machine set up on the line.  Like almost all conveyor systems, low profile conveyors can be manufactured with different heights and widths to accommodate the project at hand.  


Sanitary style conveyors will be used more often in certain industries, such as Food and Beverage.  These power conveyors allow for quick clean up of spills and protect against product build up by using a raised belt to move products.  Protecting against product build up also helps to protect against product contamination, especially where more than one product is run on the same conveyor system.  Fewer contamination points leads to less debris and build up, helping keep the entire packaging process clean.


In most cases, stainless steel construction material will be used to build the conveyor system.  However, some products just don't interact well with stainless.  For example, acids, bleaches and some other chemicals can really eat away at the stainless material through splashes, spills and, in some cases even just fumes.  In order to prolong the life of the conveyor system and allow these machines to function in harsh environments, LPS will manufacture these power conveyors from HDPE.  Just like the stainless steel conveyors, the HDPE counterparts can be manufactured to the desired line height and to a width that will allow containers large and small to move down the line.  
Other custom features of conveyor systems may include curved sections for those plants that do not run a straight line system.  These power conveyors can allow for horseshoe and other custom layouts for a packaging line.  Custom conveyors can also be manufactured to assist in loading, accumulating and packing bottles and products at different points on the line.  While the design of the power conveyor system is really only limited by the imagination of the packager and packaging machinery manufacturer, both should of course keep efficiency, space and other core concerns in mind.
For more information on power conveyors, including custom machinery, browse the LPS website or simply call our offices to discuss your specific needs with a Packaging Specialist.