Packaging Machinery for Personal Care Products

Packaging Machinery for Personal Care Products

Personal Care Products include a wide range of different items.  Some people sub-divide the category to include personal hygiene and cosmetics.  For packaging machinery purposes, the wide range of products, from lipstick to body lotions, soaps, shampoos, eyeliner and more, just means a wide range of equipment will also be used to package these products.


In a very general sense, different filling machines will be used to fill thin and thick products.  In the Personal Care Industry, products range from thin (some body lotions and liquid soaps) to thick (such as lip balms and toothpaste).  For this reason, each project in the Personal Care Industry will be specifically analyzed to determine which filling machine will best suit the needs of the packager.  For thin body lotions, an overflow or gravity filler may be the best solution.  For more viscous toothpastes, a pump or piston filler may do the trick.  Some larger companies in the Personal Care Industry may run more than one product on a filling machine, in which case a packager might actually run thinner products on the piston or pump filler as well.  Again, the liquid filler used in this industry will depend on the unique qualities of the specific project of the packager.


Like the filling machines, the capping machine will depend on the type of closure being used.  However, more times than not, a screw on cap will be used in the Personal Care Industry.  A screw on cap can take many different forms, from a simple flat cap to a flip top lid or even a trigger sprayer.  Both spindle cappers and chuck cappers can handle screw on caps, and for this reason, these will be the most popular capping machines found in the Personal Care Industry.  Some products may use snap on lids (such as some wet wipes and cleaning pads) and others may require custom capping machines if a unique closure is used, but more often than not the spindle or chuck capper will be included on a packaging line in this industry.


Not all packagers in the Personal Care Industry will use a rinsing machine, but for cosmetics and other products that are applied to the skin or otherwise contact the body, a bottle rinser may be a good idea.  Container cleaning equipment simply removes dirt, dust and other debris from a container before product is introduced.  In other words, the bottle rinser is used to avoid contamination of a product, which becomes especially important when a product is ingested or applied to the body.  Rinsing machines may use air, water or some other liquid cleansing solution to remove the dust and debris, and the machine will almost always be located just before the liquid filler.


For the labeling equipment, we again return to the same premise we mentioned with the liquid fillers.  Due to the range of products found in the Personal Care Industry, the type of labeling machine used in the industry will also vary greatly.  Even though a pressure sensitive labeler will be popular in the industry, the way the machine applies the label will provide the variations.  A pressure sensitive labeler may simply wrap a label around a bottle or container.  However, it may also apply the label to the front of the container, the front and back of the container, the top of the container, to several panels of a container or any other variation that can be imagined. 
Though some machines may be more popular in the Personal Care Industry, the best advice for those packaging these products is to find a packaging machinery manufacturer that you trust and work closely with them to create the ideal packaging solution for your own specific project.