Re-Starting Packaging Machinery When Re-Opening

While a number of packagers have continued to package essential products during the pandemic, others have had to deal with a different path, closing down or pausing business until it is once again safe for workers to return to the production floor. These divergent paths have left some companies purchasing new equipment during the pandemic to keep up with increased demand while others have left rinsers, filling machines and capping equipment idle while playing a game of wait and see.

With what many view as a current re-opening of the economy, a number of the idle pieces of equipment and packaging lines will once again be placed in production. But even a short recess in the operation of equipment can lead to unforeseen issues. While using a machine for an operator can become second nature when running the equipment every day, the controls, adjustments and changeovers might be a little more complicated after the machinery has been unplugged for months.

If de-contamination or re-arranging of equipment took place during the downtime, re-leveling and fine tuning the machine may also be necessary to ensure consistent and efficient operation. Finally, the abrupt closing of a number of businesses may have left certain wear parts needing replacement. Tubing or other machine components may not have been properly cleaned before shutting down. Returning packagers may find nozzle seals, spindle wheels, O-rings or other components that simply need to be replaced after several idle months.

For any issues packaging machine related issues upon re-opening, Liquid Packaging Solutions is simply an email or phone call away should a packager need assistance. For refreshers on set up, recipes, control panel settings, or for questions on machine performance, LPS technicians can currently be reached Monday through Thursday from 8 AM to 4 PM Central Time. Technicians can answer questions, walk operators through adjustments and help troubleshoot any other issue experienced by packagers when bringing machinery back online.

The LPS Parts Department can also get out those essential wear or spare parts quickly if those re-starting find themselves in need! Both parts and technical assistance requests can be made through the LPS website by filling out a Contact Request, or by simply calling LPS Toll Free at 1-888-393-3693. Parts inquiries can also be sent directly to the LPS Parts Department via email at

LPS understands that re-opening after the recent extended downtime can be a stressful activity. Our Packaging Specialists are here to help get businesses back up and running at full efficiency in any way that we can! For those that we worked with who needed to continue to work through the pandemic to deliver sanitizer, cleaners, PPE, foods, beverages, medication and more, LPS thanks you for your courage and perseverance! For those that will be re-starting today or in the near future, we wish you a quick and fruitful return to business and remind you that we are here to assist!