Spindle Cappers Offer Non-Stop Sealing

One of the most popular capping machines across a wide range of industries, the automatic spindle capper allows packagers to tighten continuous thread caps without slowing down or stopping bottles as they progress along the packaging line. The increased speed helps meet production demand without sacrificing consistency or reliability as bottles are capped.

Automatic spindle cappers use a cap delivery system that will not require bottles to slow down on the conveyor as they pick up a closure. The system will usually include either a cap elevator, sorting bowl or both, depending on the type or types of caps used on any given project. The delivery system sorts and orients caps and delivers them to a cap chute. As each bottle passes under the cap chute, it will strip a single cap from the chute just before entering the tightening area of the machine.

As the bottle and cap enter the capping area, a stabilizer is generally used to hold the closure in a proper position for tightening, while gripper belts help to steady the bottle. The cap and bottle combination then pass through sets of spinning disks. These disks contact the cap to spin it down onto the threads, again without the need to stop bottles on the conveyor for the capping process. Typical spindle cappers will include three or four sets of spindle disks, each threading the cap a little more, with the last set often employing a clutch to achieve ideal torque and tightening in a consistent and reliable manner.

Spindle capping machines also allow for quick and easy changeover for most cap types and sizes. Along with a power height adjustment, both spindle wheels and gripper belts can be adjusted using simple hand cranks and knobs, allowing the packager to move from a taller or wider bottle to a smaller, thinner bottle - and vice versa - with little downtime.

As screw-on type closures are used across industries and for products ranging from foods and beverages to oils, soaps, shampoos and much more, the spindle capper is the most produced capping machine by Liquid Packaging Solutions year in and year out. Working with flat caps, sports caps, trigger sprayers, pumps and more, the machine can be modified to meet the needs of almost any packager using a continuous thread type closure. Semi-automatic spindle cappers are also available for smaller packagers that want to add consistency to their capping process. To learn more about spindle cappers or any of the other capping and sealing equipment offered by LPS, browse the website or contact a Packaging Specialist at 1-219-393-3600 today.