The Benefits of Custom Liquid Packaging Solutions

At Liquid Packaging Solutions, custom packaging equipment does not always mean engineering equipment from scratch. Bottle rinsers, liquid filling machines, capping equipment, and more may start from a standard drawing, yet be changed to meet the needs of each packager. In this way, each piece of packaging machinery built by LPS offers several benefits for the project, industry or product that the equipment will serve.

Built for Your Product

Packaging equipment, and specifically liquid fillers, may be customized to add efficiency to the process for different products. While different filling principles can be used to move low and high viscosity products, other modifications help to handle variations in liquids. For example, heating elements may be added to a filling machine to allow a packager to fill a molten product, keeping the temperature consistent to stop products from solidifying during the filling process. Intrinsically safe sensors or explosion proof enclosures may be added to protect against arcs, sparks, or explosions when a machine is run in a hazardous location. Construction material for filling machines, conveyors, and other machinery may also be changed from stainless steel to HDPE when running corrosive products that may cause excessive damage to steel. At LPS, we always ask for sample products to ensure the most efficient, consistent and long-lasting equipment is built for each project.

Built for Your Package

While some industries - think bottled water and distilled spirits - see similar bottles for a majority of their products, the height, material, width, and other characteristics of bottles and other containers can vary greatly from project to project as well as industry to industry. In addition to product samples, LPS always requests bottle samples as well, to help ensure the equipment manufactured in our LaPorte, Indiana plant will handle the range of containers used by the packager. Changes for bottle size may include a modification to the typical conveyor used on a given machine or filling every other bottle passing through a machine for an efficient process with minimal changeover times. Liquid filling machines and capping equipment may use a neck grabber or a unique indexing system to help stabilize and properly position bottles for reliable filling or capping processes. Getting samples of all bottles to be run helps us make modifications to ensure not only that the machines can run each container from small to large but do so in an efficient and consistent manner.

Built for Your Process

While a majority of our equipment is inline packaging machinery, that does not always mean that the best process is a straight-line, left to right layout. Looking at the process as a whole, modifications to equipment can help ensure an efficient process as well. A right to left layout may work better for a company depending on factors such as storage of product and containers, packing and shipping stations and other considerations. Curved conveyor sections or transfer turntables may be used to create a horseshoe layout or other design to save time on a variety of tasks, including quality checks, loading, packing and shipping.

By customizing packaging machinery to meet the needs of each specific business, the most efficient and reliable solution can be found for each project. Packagers can save time, energy and money with the proper line layout and ideal machinery. By modifying machinery specifically for a project, packagers can ensure a consistent process to minimize waste of both product and time. The above examples by no means cover every possible beneficial modification, and by working together with businesses at the planning stage, LPS helps to ensure that all necessary customization is done before delivery to maximize the benefits to each individual packager.

Give us a call today to discuss your own packaging project and the modifications that may make your life easier!