Turntables and Conveyors for Loading and Accumulating

While packaging lines prepare products by filling, capping, and labeling, these machines can only complete their tasks when a supply of bottles is readily available. And once completely packaged and ready for the customer, products need to be gathered and prepared to ship out to end users. While different options exist to load and accumulate bottles, conveyors and turntables are two versatile solutions found on packaging lines in many different industries.


Loading turntables allow manual labor to quickly place empty bottles at the beginning of the packaging line for delivery to various machines. The adjustable bottle guide superstructure moves containers to the outside of the turntable for easy and efficient delivery to the main conveyor system. Loading turntables can be manufactured with a top disk of various size to present containers both large and small to the conveyor.

Accumulating turntables are most often seen at the end of the packaging system, where finished product can be gathered and prepared for shipping. However, these turntables can be used anywhere on a packaging line to accumulate product for quality checks or manual packaging tasks. Just like loading turntables, the accumulating variation can be manufactured with different diameter tops to handle a range of container sizes.

Power Conveyors

While power conveyors may be best known for moving products from one packaging machine to another, they are also useful when it comes to loading and accumulating product, especially when dealing with non-round bottles. Loading, or laning, conveyors include a large table to unload boxes or other bulk bottles into adjustable lanes. The lane guides use hand knobs to quickly and easily modify the number and size of the lanes for different bottle sizes and production runs. The wide conveyor on this machine runs perpendicular to the main power conveyor of a packaging line, presenting rows of container for delivery to the other machinery.

An extended section of the main conveyor may also be used for accumulating product at the end of a line. Packing tables can be added to the side of conveyor sections to help manual labor load cartons, boxes or other multi-bottle containers. In addition, power cooling conveyors may be used to accumulate molten or hot products that need time to cool after running through the liquid filler. Power conveyors, like turntables, may also be used to accumulate products anywhere on a packaging system for quality control checks.

For loading and gathering products at the start and end of a packaging line, turntables and conveyors offer convenient, efficient and simple solutions for a range of products and projects.