The Importance of Being Earnest (while Capping and Sealing!)

The Importance of Being Earnest (While Capping and Sealing!)

Sealing your bottles and containers is of the utmost importance, for both your company and your consumers. Imagine containers that leak, spill, will not open or that are destroyed from attempting to open them.  None of these issues create the desired reputation for any product.  Choosing the correct capping machine, from handheld cappers to automatic, continuous capping equipment, can add consistency and security to the capping and sealing process.
Capping machinery gives packagers several advantages over hand capping individual bottles, not the least of which is consistency.  Hand capping will normally involve using more than one manual laborer over an extended period of time.  Not only does hand capping bring a risk of repetitive injury to workers, but there will likely be a lack of consistency in the capping process.  Each bottle will be tightened, by hand, with different torque.  Loose caps can cause lost product at the plant during the capping process, during shipping to retailers or even in the store during stocking or shopping.  From handheld chuck cappers to automatic spindle cappers, capping machines have the advantage of applying the same torque to each bottle and cap that passes through the machine.  Though each piece of equipment will require some set up prior to running production, capping machines remove variables such as fatigue, distraction and inconsistency.
Capping and sealing equipment can also add security to the packaging process.  Security, in part, comes from the consistency of the capping process.  However, security can also come from the cap itself.  Think, for example, of a milk jug with a safety ring or an aspirin bottle with the foil seal.  On a packaging line, the capping machine normally closely follows the liquid filler.  As soon as the product enters the bottle or other container, the capping machine seals the container.  On many products, the quick sealing is enough protection.  However, on food products and medication - products that are ingested by consumers - other safeguards are taken.  Special caps, induction sealers or neck banders can be used to provide tamper evidence.  As long as the seal or ring is not broken, the consumer will know that no one has opened or contaminated the product in the packing, shipping or stocking process.  
Adding both consistency and security to the process means not only choosing the right cap and container, but also the necessary capping and sealing equipment.  Liquid Packaging Solutions offers a number of different capping and sealing machines for those packagers who need, or simply desire, more secure packaging.  From spindle cappers and chuck cappers to ROPP cappers, induction sealers and neck banders, our Packaging Specialists will guide you through the process of selecting the proper capping equipment for your packaging needs.  In addition to manufacturing many different cappers and sealers, LPS also offers integration services and custom capping machinery.  If you have a capping project in the works, take advantage of the experience and knowledge of Liquid Packaging Solutions.

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