The True Value of On-site Service Calls

The True Value of On-Site Service Calls

At Liquid Packaging Solutions, our relationship with the packager truly only begins with the delivery of the packaging equipment to the production floor.  On many occasions, installation and training will be included with the delivery of a packaging line.  These services ensure that the equipment is properly set up and functioning before production begins while also giving the company employees the opportunity to learn the machinery while Packaging Specialists are on site to answer questions, perform demonstrations and otherwise provide a proper understanding of operation.  While LPS technicians will always be available by phone for refreshers and simple troubleshooting, LPS also understands that employee turnover, new products and other unforeseen circumstances can make a later on-site visit extremely beneficial to the end user of the packaging equipment.  
From bottle rinsers to filling machines, capping machines and other packaging equipment, a focus will exist during the design and manufacturing process to make the machinery as simple to use as possible.  For automatic equipment, a touchscreen operator interface will often allow for a majority of adjustments and fine tuning in one single location.  The addition of a recipe screen on the interface also allows an operator to record and recall all necessary times and delays for rinsing or filling bottles or other containers.  Physical set up can often be accomplished relatively tool-free, by simply loosening hand knobs, making the necessary adjustment and then re-tightening the same knobs.  
But even with the simplest of set ups and operations, some knowledge and understanding of how the machine works is necessary.  Companies running multiple containers will need to perform change over routines more often.  The addition of a new product or bottle will require a new set up and new times and delays.  Employee turnover can lead to a situation where lost experience leads to uneducated operators on a packaging line.  And, of course, from time to time, machine components can reach the end of their useful life and cause inconsistent rinsing, filling, capping or other functioning.
In these situations, LPS technicians will first try to assist from afar, but on rare occasions, the source of problem will escape notice.  On these occasions, LPS technicians are available to visit the production floor and troubleshoot at the customer site.  In addition to locating the issue and fixing the same, these visits allow the packager the opportunity to re-educate operators when necessary.  Technicians can walk employees old and new through the issue once identified and instruct employees on how to avoid or correct the problems in the future.  LPS looks at service calls not only as an opportunity to fix the issue at hand, but to communicate with and teach operators to handle similar situations in the future.
Given the variety of products packaged using rinsers, fillers, cappers and other equipment, each packaging project presents a unique process with individual issue to overcome.  As a packaging machinery manufacturer, LPS understands that our experience provides a rare tool for packagers in many different industries, and we invite any and all packagers to take advantage of this tool.  The value of the on-site service call is not just in solving current issues, but in the time and money saved by giving owners and operators the opportunity to continue to learn their machinery and keep it running consistently and reliably in the future.
Liquid Packaging Solution technicians can be reached toll free at 1-888-393-3693.