What Are Liquid Packaging Solutions?

What are Liquid Packaging Solutions?

At Liquid Packaging Solutions, we take pride in our name, which also tells you the service we provide.  But what, exactly, is a liquid packaging solution?  The simple answer is whatever the customer needs.  But for the longer answer, well...keep reading!
The word solutions insinuates that there must be questions that need to be answered.  The first step in finding the perfect liquid packaging solution for a customer is to ask the right questions. LPS representatives use their knowledge of packaging machinery and their experience in the packaging industry to ask the questions that will lead to the ideal packaging system for each unique customer.  Before we can identify your liquid packaging needs, we must know your product, your intended container or package, your market and your production needs, among other information.  
Armed with the answers to these questions, LPS representatives move from a broad range of available packaging machinery to a more narrow scope of packaging equipment.  Thick products rule out certain types of filling machines.  Certain caps or bottles eliminate specific capping equipment.  Large markets and high production needs point toward automatic packaging and conveyor systems, moving the solution away from tabletop or semi-automatic packaging machines.  
Of course, simply narrowing the range of available packaging equipment does not provide us with a true solution.  Though the LPS website seems full of standard packaging machines, the truth is that each customer's solution, and therefore each customer's packaging equipment, will be different in its own way.  Some of these differences may be as simple as the change of a rinse nozzle size on a rinser or other container cleaning machine.  Others may just need a second guide rail on a conveyor system or a double gripper belt on a capping machine for added stability.  Flammable products and chemicals may require hazardous location construction for safety reasons.  However, new packages and/or products may require research and development of custom packaging machinery not even found on our company website!
In working to hand tailor packaging machinery for our customers, LPS may request or require samples of product and packages.  This is a crucial part of the process of finding an ideal solution for our customer.  Put simply, what works for one product and package combination may not work with other combinations.  Working with the customer product and package eliminates surprises on the production floor.  It is once these questions have been answered and the tests have been run that Liquid Packaging Solutions can begin to identify YOUR liquid packaging solution.  At this point, LPS will design, engineer and produce the ideal packaging equipment for the individual customer.  
So a liquid packaging solution is the process of answering the necessary questions and running the needed tests to identify what the ideal packaging equipment will be for the individual customer's product, package and production needs.  A longer way of saying, simply, Liquid Packaging Solutions provides customers with what they need.
If you have any questions regarding packaging machinery, please do not hesitate to contact our representatives toll free at 1-888-393-3693 today!