What Liquid Filling Machine is Right for My Product?

Did you know that an overflow filler is an excellent choice for products that foam or when the interior volume of a container varies? An overflow filler fills all of the containers to a cosmetic fill level that you set based on your particular packaging requirement. Our overflow fillers start with a single head tabletop model and run to automatic, portable fillers with up to sixteen fill heads. This easily upgradeable filler can efficiently do bottled water, sauces/syrups, cleaners, chemicals, shampoos and even products with a very small particulate.

Gravity fillers are an excellent choice when doing thin, free-flowing and consistent liquids. Using a product reservoir, the product is filled into any type of container - including gallon bottles - using a time based fill method and constant head pressure. If you have a product that is free flowing and consistent but slightly thicker, such as chemicals or janitorial type products, a pressure/gravity filler may be the perfect option for you. A small amount of pressure is supplied to the product in the reservoir and the constant pressure helps the product flow freely into the container. The fill times can be adjusted based on your particular requirements.

The Liquid Packaging Solutions line of pump fillers can handle free flowing to thick products with particulates. A pump filler is a good choice when doing jams and jellies, oils, personal care products and so much more. The pump on the filler will be chosen on a case by case basis to provide you with the correct pump for your specific product!

Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. offers a packaging system ideal for YOUR product and YOUR production. When searching for the filler that is best suited for your application, give us a call, we can help provide the solution.