Filling Equipment for Every Industry



Whether you are bottling fruit juices, sports drinks, water, liquor or other beverages, Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. can manufacture filling equipment for a packaging system to specifically meet your production needs!

This filler can be manufactured as a tabletop model with one to four fill heads for smaller production packaging systems. The tabletop filling equipment is ideal for start-up bottlers or for contract packagers who may have many small runs. The overflow filler is also available in a semi-automatic or automatic, portable model. These models can incorporate up to sixteen overflow filler nozzles for higher production and faster speeds!

One huge advantage of this filling equipment is the ability to upgrade by adding fill heads. As your company and your production grows, your packaging system can easily grow with you, without the need to purchase new filling equipment!


Personal care products can range from water like liquids to thick creams. For the thin viscosity or water type products, the overflow filler may still be the preferred piece of filling equipment. However, the Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. Pump Filler is perfect for any packaging system set up for thick viscosities, such as thick hand creams, toothpaste and similar products. 

The advantage of this piece of filling equipment is the ability to use the specific pump necessary to quickly and efficiently fill your specific product. From peristaltic pumps to gear pumps to diaphragm pumps, LPS will assist you every step of the way in order to create the pump filling equipment to best suit your needs.


Most industrial chemical products or cleaning products are low in viscosity and free-flowing. An ideal piece of filling equipment for such products is the Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. gravity filler. As with the filling equipment discussed above, the gravity fillers are available in tabletop, semi-automatic and automatic models.


Some of the advantages of the gravity filler include the accurate fill, ease in changeover from one bottle to another and the ability to add special nozzles to control dripping and foaming.

Most of the filling equipment offered by Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. are also available with sanitary construction, hazardous location construction and/or other custom manufacturing options. If you cannot find your industry on our site, please feel free to call Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. toll free at