Why is Consistent Capping So Important?

One of the major benefits of capping machinery is the ability to consistently tighten or seal a wide variety of different closure types across a long production day, or even continously for large scale production. From simple handlheld equipment to fully automatic capping machines, the goal of each is to create nearly the same seal on every bottle and closure combination run. But why is consistent capping so important to so many products?

First, consistency in capping helps to avoid waste, including the loss of product. An unsealed or loose cap on a product probably means that the bottle, cap and product will all be lost. Crooked or loose caps can lead to spills either on the production line or, even worse, once the product reaches the shelf. The ability to ensure secure and safe product benefits both the packager and the consumer.

The second benefit, alluded to above, is customer confidence. It is always a good idea for a packager to put themselves in the shoe's of their customers, from the recipe of the product to the design of the package. Purchasing product that later reveals a broken or untightened closure can have a negative effect on consumer confidence. A buyer wants to know that the product and the process that brought the item to the shelf are both safe, and consistently sealing containers helps to boost this confidence.

Finally, consistent sealing will help to protect and prolong the life of the product itself. Many liquid products can spoil or lose effectiveness once opened. Inconsistent capping can lead to a shorter shelf life or, once again, a bad customer experience. While some companies use nitrogen purge systems to replace oxygen and extend shelf life, a bad capping process can immediately reverse these effects.

While hand capping can be an efficient solutions for lower production facilities, repetitive motion and simple fatigue will mean that closures will not always be applied consistently. Capping machines consisting of simple handheld chuck cappers to continuous automatic spindle cappers and everything in between can add consistency and reliablity to the sealing process, protecting product, customers and labor.

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