Your Guide to an Efficient Liquid Packaging Line

While choosing the right machinery will always be key in setting up an efficient packaging system, there are other factors to consider as well. At Liquid Packaging Solutions, we help packagers consider all of the relevant details that will ensure the packaging process runs both smoothly, consistently and reliably in the most efficient manner possible.

Bottles, Caps and Other Components

Bottles, caps and other components can have an effect on the efficiency of a packaging line. On the one hand, uniquely shaped bottles, custom caps or fancy labels can help a product stand out from the competition. On the other hand, such components can be difficult to fill, seal or otherwise prepare for the shelf. Not only can machinery for custom components cost a little more, but in some cases it may slow down the packaging process. Companies must weigh the benefits of each choice to decide what is right for their own products.

Packaging Layout

Automatic machinery is built to, among other things, help companies package products faster. What many packagers fail to take into account is the layout of their packaging line. Setting up the beginning of the line near the storage of empty containers, or the end of the line close to the shipping department, can remove valuable time from the transport of empty bottles and finished products. Packaging lines need not run in a straight line from start to finish, and taking some time to analyze the best layout can add efficiency to the process as a whole.


Automatic packaging machinery requires labor to set up equipment and prepare it for production. However, once set up and started, manual labor will only be required to replenish bulk materials such as bottles, product, caps and more. Semi-automatic machines are much more labor intensive, requiring an operator to interact with each cycle of the machine to rinse, fill, cap and otherwise prepare containers. In most cases, while the machines are in production, an operator will be needed for each individual machine. Understanding the labor available and how to best use that labor will also add efficiency to a packaging line.


While no one can predict with perfect accuracy the popularity of a product, planning for the growth of a product or a brand can also help make the packaging process more efficient. Most packaging machinery will allow for some growth along with the company or the company's production. This can include things like adding more heads to a filling machine or even adding indexing and PLC's to equipment for additional automation. Allowing for growth ensures that a company will not quickly outgrow their machinery, regressing and needing to purchase and wait for additional equipment.


Finally, the right equipment will help to make the packaging process more efficient. LPS can help identify the best equipment for any packaging process, even when the best equipment must be custom built. Combining the right equipment with each of the other items listed above ensures that a packager will get the most out of their system for the longest time possible.

Of course, the above is not an exhaustive list of ways to add efficiency to a packaging machine or line. LPS will work with each packager individually to find the best solution for the product or products being prepared. Obligation-free consultation is always a phone call away, so packagers are encouraged to take advantage of the knowledge of LPS Packaging Specialists at any time!