Loading Turntable - Stainless Steel

Model#: TT-LOAD-SS

This loading turntable is manufactured with a stainless steel frame for added durability.  The stainless steel disc is available in a range of diameters to load products onto a conveyor system at any point in a packaging line.

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  • 16", 36" or 45" standard stainless steel turntable top
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Variable speed DC motor and controller
  • Adjustable bottle guide superstructure
  • Aluminum guide rails with HDPE wear strips
  • Stainless steel rail brackets with quick touch adjustment knobs
  • 36" height +/- 2"
  • Made in the USA
  • Custom turntable top size
  • Stainless steel guide rails with HDPE wear strips
  • Double rail system
  • Different turntable height range
  • Half moon loading deadplate
  • Hazardous location/environment construction - Class I, Division II, Groups C & D