2018 Product Spotlights - Air Rinsing Machines

For a number of different industries, cleaning containers prior to the introduction of product serves the purpose of keeping liquids free from contamination and safe for the end user. In other cases, manufacturing of the bottle, shipping or storage may require some cleaning or rinsing prior to the fill as well. Air rinsing machines from Liquid Packaging Solutions offer an efficient solution for packagers both large and small to clean a variety of containers.

Automatic air rinsers can work in one of two different manners. The most popular air rinser clamps and inverts bottles over a rinse basin before blasting the inside of the bottle with clean air and allowing any dust or debris to fall in to the basin. Bottles are indexed into the rinse area, with the same number being rinsed each cycle and up to sixteen rinse heads available on most machines. A PLC and touchscreen operator interface make set up of the machine and recall of settings for different bottles simple, leaving the operator to modify the position of rinse heads and make other minor adjustments for changeover.

A bottle vacuum provides a second automatic option, typically used when bottle size or shape makes the process of inverting the bottles difficult or inefficient. While the indexing and controls will be similar, bottle vacuums use a special nozzle that create a seal over the bottle opening, followed by a blast of clean air and a vacuum to collect dust and debris, removing the need to invert bottles during the process.

Air rinsing machines are also avaialble in semi-automatic models, which require operators to place containers on or over the rinse heads and activate the rinse using a foot or finger switch. Though not offering the same speed as the automatic machines, these semi-automatic models allow packagers with smaller production runs to also clean containers before introducing product in an efficient manner.

To learn more about the standard features and options available, as well as the different types of rinsing machines, visit the Air Rinsing section of the Liquid Packaging Solutions website. To discuss a project with a Packaging Specilist to see if the air rinser is the right solution for your process, call the LPS offices today.