2018 Product Spotlights - Sanitary Style Power Conveyors

For automatic packaging machinery, one component more than any other probably helps keep machines efficient, the power conveyor system. Without a power conveyor, the process of delivering bottles to the machines simply loses all efficiency, causing the machines themselves to fail in reaching their potential. Though conveyors can be manufactured in a number of different ways, one of the most popular designs is the raised belt, sanitary style power conveyor.

Sanitary style conveyors are popular for a number of different reasons, but mostly due to the ease of cleaning, which in turn can lengthen the usable life of the conveyor system as a whole. The raised belt and U-shape design of these conveyors allows easy access for cleaning spills, splashes or simply build up from every day use. In a number of industries, cleaning is an important component of packaging runs, to help ensure sanitary conditions and avoid contamination of products or cross-contamination with other products that are run. The design of the sanitary style conveyors can allow for washdown type cleaning or at least cleaning without disassembly, saving time between changeovers and production runs.

The design of the conveyors also leaves fewer accumulation points for dust and debris that may settle, travel and then gather at certain key points on the system. This accumulation of debris can cause additional problems for conveyor systems such as undue wear and tear on conveyor belt or even sprockets, leading to issues such as inconsistent speed and misaligned belt. The sanitary style conveyors help guard against the accumulation and allow for quick and easy removal should debris begin to build, ultimately extending the conveyor components and the life of the conveyor itself.

While raised belt conveyors are more popular in certain industries or environments where frequent cleaning is a necessity, these conveyor systems can move a wide variety of container shapes and sizes and will work for virtually any project. To learn more about sanitary style conveyors and the other conveyor designs offered by Liquid Packaging Solutions, visit the Conveyors and Turntables section of the LPS website.