2018 Product Spotlights - Turntables

Automated packaging lines can be set up in a variety of different ways using the packaging machines that are suited or necessary for the project at hand. Similarly, bottles can be introduced to each automated line in a number of different ways. Loading turntables offer one of the most popular methods for getting bottles to the power conveyor system that supplies the line. On the other end of the process, finished product can be prepped for packing and shipping in a number of ways as well, and accumulating turntables also offer a popular method for gathering the finished product.

Loading turntables are typically manufactured using stainless steel and include an adjustable bottle guide which moves bottles to the turntable outer edge to be delivered to the main power conveyor. The turntable tops can vary in size from small to large to accommodate a range of bottle sizes or to meet the needs of many different projects. A simple dial controller allows the operator to set the table to turn at the necessary speed to supply bottles to keep the packaging process efficient. Many loading turntables will also include a loading deadplate to assist an operator in taking bottles from cases, boxes, bags or any other shipping or storage container.

Accumulating turntables, as the name suggests, help to accumulate product. Though they can be used anywhere on a packaging line for various purposes, the most common use would be for gathering finished product at the end of the packaging line for manual packing and shipping preparation. Stainless steel is also typically used for accumulating turntables as well, though any turntable can also be manufactured using HDPE for products or environments that do not interact well with stainless steel, such as acids or harsh chemicals. These turntables also do not utilize an adjustable bottle guide as containers are only set to accumulate, rather than being loaded onto a conveyor system.

In addition to loading and accumulating turntables, Liquid Packaging Solutions also manufactures transfer turntables that allow for bottles to change direction on a packaging line or conveyor system. These simple turntables connect two sections of conveyor and will move bottles at a 90 degree angle as they move down the line, allowing for horseshoe or other custom line designs.

To learn more about the different turntables and options offered by Liquid Packaging Solutions, visit the Conveyors and Turntables section of the LPS website. To discuss turntables for a current project, contact the LPS Sales team Toll Free at 1-888-393-3693.