2020 Industry Outlook - LPS Packaging Machinery

Each year at Liquid Packaging Solutions, there tends to be an industry or even a product that stands out from the rest for that given year. Some years it is fairly easy to predict where the popular products will come from, while other years the innovation seems to come out of nowhere! In 2020, the biggest gain in popularity for liquid products will likely come from deregulation and changing laws surrounding one industry and product.

It will likely come as no surprise to anyone that LPS expects to see a significant rise in the number of packagers in the CBD and cannabis infused products market. With more and more states legalizing some form of CBD use, the number of products including CBD as an ingredient has grown exponentially. This deregulation and legalization has led not only to an increase in the use and sale of CBD oils, but to foods, beverages, skin products, hair products and much more. As the use of CBD oils in different products grow, so to will the inquiries and requests for equipment to quickly and easily get these products to the public consumers.

Craft distilleries also continue to be a popular industry for LPS equipment, and the company does not expect to see this slow much in 2020. This trend also rises from the recent deregulation surrounding spirits, which has allowed smaller distillers to grab local, regional and even national shelf space with new and unique liquors. The rise in the number of craft distillers also led to a rise in the manufacture of certain unique packaging machines, including bartop corkers, ROPP cappers and capsule spinners which are prominent in the industry.

Of course, some industries simply recur each and every year, such as Foods and Beverages other than those that fall in the two industries noted above. Whatever is happening in the world, people will need to eat and drink, and each year brings new products in both of these industries. The Food and Beverage Industry is comprised of many, many different products, so while it is hard to predict which machines will be popular, it is safe to say a number of Food and Beverage projects will land on the LPS production floor in 2020.

Other common industries that are expected each year include automotive products, cleaners and chemicals, personal care and cosmetics. Of course, LPS can never predict with 100% accuracy what new packaging projects will arise each year. But the company always looks forward to those unexpected or challenging projects as well, that allow the engineers and packaging specialists at LPS to design custom equipment to handle unique bottles, products, caps or other packaging components. We look forward to a 2020 filled with exciting projects and invite each and every packager to contact LPS to find the ideal packaging solution for their own project!

Packagers can contact LPS via the website using the Quote Request or Quick Connect buttons, by initiating a Chat session or simply by picking up the phone and calling LPS Toll-Free at 1-888-393-3693.