2023 Equipment Overview - Overflow Filler

One of the most popular types of filling machines since Liquid Packaging Solutions began building packaging equipment will continue to be a useful tool for packagers in 2023. The overflow filling machine offers a unique manner of filling bottles. Rather than filling by weight or volume, the overflow filler allows liquid to reach the same level in each and every bottle filled.

The overflow filling machine uses a unique nozzle that allows liquid to enter the container through one port and "overflow" from the container back into a holding tank through a second port. Using these two ports allows each container to reach a specific and identical level before fluid overflows out of the bottle to maintain that level. The fill level can be controlled by using different spacers on the nozzles for different bottle sizes or fill levels.

The technique used to achieve the level fill also allows packagers the ability to control foam or foamy products. By allowing a pump to run for a slightly longer period of time, foam can be pushed out of containers, meaning levels will remain the same with these products, as settling of foam is controlled by the overflow principle. However, the biggest advantage of this filling machine allows packagers using glass or other clear containers achieve an aesthetically pleasing look when the bottles are placed on the shelf for sale to the end user.

Overflow fillers can be manufactured for packagers both large and small, with both automatic and semi-automatic models available. Semi-automatic machines typically require an operator to place and remove bottles from under the fill heads, while also started the fill cycle by stepping on a foot switch or using a finger switch. Automatic machines include a PLC and touchscreen operator interface that will only require an operator for pre-production set-up. Once set-up is complete, the automatic model will continue to fill bottles until bottles are no longer available or the machine is stopped for the end of production. To make set-up as simple as possible, automatic machines include a recipe screen that allows all PLC settings for a bottle and product to be saved and recalled with the push of a button.

Multiple fill heads can be used on both models to allow for faster speeds when filling. Semi-automatic tabletop models typically allow for up to six fill heads, while both semi-automatic full-frame machines and automatic overflow fillers can accommodate up to sixteen fill heads. To learn more about overflow fillers from Liquid Packaging Solutions, visit the Filling Machinery Section of the LPS website or call to speak with a Filling Specialist today!