2023 Equipment Overview - Spindle Capper

Capping machines are built to handle specific types of caps or closures. One of the reasons the spindle capping machine has been, and will remain to be, a popular piece of equipment is the type of closures that work with the machine. Spindle capping machines are used to tighten containers that use a screw-on type, or continuous thread, closure such as those found on water bottles and other popular soft drinks. Screw-on type caps can take on many other forms however, including sports caps, flip caps and even pumps or trigger sprayers. With certain modifications, the spindle capper can handle almost any type of threaded cap.

Most spindle cappers manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions are built to run automatically. Automatic spindle cappers continuously tighten caps as the bottle and cap pass through the capping area on a power conveyor. Sets of spinning disks contact the cap as it moves down the conveyor to thread the closure, with the last set of spindles typically including clutches to better control the sealing.

Automatic spindle capping machines also include a cap delivery system, which allows for the continuous capping, allowing the operator of the packaging line to simply supply bulk caps from time to time as necessary. Using either an elevator, vibratory bowl or a combination of both, the caps are delivered to a chute, which then presents the closures to the bottle just before the cap and bottle combination enters the capping area. Spindle cappers will include gripper belts for bottles and a stabilizer bar for caps to keep the process both consistent and reliable.

Semi-automatic spindle cappers are also available, which require the operator to place the cap on the bottle and then place both into the capping area. While other solutions, such as a chuck capper, may work better for many screw-on type caps on a semi-automatic basis, semi-automatic spindle cappers work well for smaller businesses that may use a trigger sprayer or other less common cap. The semi-automatic spindle capper adds consistency and reliability over hand-capping, but will only perform as fast as the operator of the machine.

Both machines can be incorporated with other equipment to design a complete packaging solution. Automatic and semi-automatic equipment can also be combined on a single line to create a solution for a packager of just about any size.

To learn more about spindle cappers or any of the capping machinery manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, browse the Capping Machinery section of the website or contact LPS today to speak with a Capping Specialist.