A Behind the Scenes Look at Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc.

A Behind the Scenes Look at Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc.

A quick browsing of the LPS website shows visitors the wide range of packaging equipment offered by our company, along with services such as consultation, training, installation and integration and custom machinery for unique projects.  But what goes on at LPS from day-to-day or week-to-week?  To give you some idea, today we offer a behind the scenes look at some of the projects currently on the production floor at Liquid Packaging Solutions.


The production floor currently holds three different turnkey packaging systems in various stages of production.  One line for industries and household cleaners is being staged and prepared for a final factory acceptance test.  This packaging system include power conveyors along with loading and accumulating turntables to introduce, move and assist with packing different sized and shaped bottles.  Individual machines for this system include an overflow filling machine, a spindle capper and a pressure sensitive labeling machine.
The second turnkey line being prepared by LPS will fill bottles of distilled spirits.  This line is similar to the chemical line above in that it will include a filling machine, capping machine and pressure sensitive labeler.  The power conveyors are completed and the individual machines are being assembled as this article is being written.  The alcohol packaging line should be ready for staging within the next week or so, and the production crew will be hard at work on this line the rest of the week.
The third complete line will include an automatic filler, automatic capper, induction sealer, retorquer and labeler for chemicals as well. This packaging system will be manufactured as a Class I, Div II line for safety purposes given the attributes of some of the chemicals to be filled.  The third turnkey packaging system is just taking shape, as various parts for different machines are being fabricated by employees in the machine shop.  
As the first cleaners line referred to above moves to the customer floor, the alcohol line will be staged and run in preparation for the Factory Acceptance Test and the second chemical line will begin to be assembled.  With both full lines and individual machinery, LPS likes to work with customer packages and products to ensure that the equipment created is ideal for the specific project.  As packages and products arrive for the second and third machine, testing will begin!


Individual packaging machines may be sold to add to existing packaging lines or they may simply be acquired to automate a certain step of a company's packaging process.  At any given time, a multitude of individual machines will be under construction at LPS.  As distilleries become more popular (and easier to start up) in the United States, many new craft distilleries are opening and looking for packaging equipment.  The LPS production team is currently working on an automatic rinsing machine for a craft distillery that will remove dust, debris and other contaminants from the bottles prior to adding the product.  In addition, final testing for a capsule spinner is currently underway in the LPS shop.  The capsule spinner being tested right now places and spins tin capsules over the top of the distilled spirits bottles.  Arguably the biggest emerging market right now, visitors to LPS in the last twelve months would be hard pressed to pick a day when no equipment for a distillery was in progress on our floor.
In the cosmetic and personal care industry, LPS is currently working on two automatic fillers and an automatic spindle capping machine to add to an already existing system.  These machines are also in the assembly stage and will be produced with portable frames that will allow them to roll right up to an existing power conveyor system for easy integration with packaging equipment already in place.
Other projects in the machine shop at the current time include a fully automatic liquid filler for a diesel exhaust treatment product and a bottle capper for pet products that will also be added to an existing packaging system.  But keep in mind that LPS also manufactures for new companies or packagers with smaller production demands and limited available space.  Two tabletop filling machines are currently being tested and prepared to ship to customers.   One of these fillers will be used for essential oils in the cosmetics and personal care industry, while the other will be used for liquid butter and other popcorn toppings.  These tabletop machines allow a more efficient, reliable and consistent fill while not requiring a warehouse size production floor to get the job done.
Projects enter and leave the production floor on any given day, but as you can see from this weeks ongoing tasks, our floor is always moving.  From fabrication to assembly, welding, staging and testing, each step in the LPS manufacturing process is done with the customers unique needs in mind, to ensure not only a solution, but the best solution, for packaging any number of products.