A Range of Packaging Machinery for Distillers Large and Small

As the American Distilling Institute Annual Conference and Expo approaches this April, Liquid Packaging Solutions would like to remind distillers around the country of the range of products we have produced for different distilled spirits projects. From complete, fully automated packaging systems to tabletop filling machines, LPS strives to find the ideal solution for each unique spirit.

For mass producers of distilled spirits, LPS can manufacture complete turnkey, inline packaging systems that can include bottle rinsers, filling machines, corking machines, capsule spinners, labelers and more, ultimately depending on the needs of the packager. Automated packaging lines typically run with minimal manual labor once the machines are set up properly. A line operator may load bottles and monitor the system in order to replace components such as bulk product, caps or label rolls, but otherwise the line does the packaging itself. Fully automated systems are usually put in place where a distiller has a higher production demand or a moderate demand with the expectation of growth.

On the other end of the spectrum, LPS manufactures semi-automatic and tabletop packaging machinery for distilled spirits as well. The same types of machines - rinsers, fillers, corkers, labelers - can be built as semi-automatic or tabletop equipment. The biggest difference between the automatic lines and semi-automatic machinery stems from the amount of labor required to produce the spirits. With semi-automatic machines, the operator of the machine will be more hands-on compared to the automatic lines. For each machine the operator will normally have to initiate the packaging process, while some machines require other interaction as well. For instance, the operator of a semi-automatic filling machine would place bottles under the fill nozzle, then use a finger or foot switch to activate the fill. Once bottles have received the product, the operator would also need to remove the filled containers and transport them to the next packaging station, such as capping or labeling. With more human involvement, the speed of the machinery will obviously not match the speed of the automatic equipment. However, semi-automatic packaging machinery provides an efficient, cost-effective solution for distillers with low to medium production demands.

Many different options and combinations exist between the fully automatic and the simple tabletop system, and a big part of our job at LPS is to search for the ideal solution for any distiller looking to speed up their production and packaging process. Representatives are always ready to discuss projects and solutions with distillers both large and small, and can be reached at the LPS offices Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM Central Time.

LPS will be in Booth 208 at the ADI Expo on April 4th and 5th, 2017, with the conference being held at the Baltimore Convention Center in Maryland. We encourage all attending to stop by and introduce yourself and your product.