A Special Labor Day Thank You in 2020

What would the packaging industry, and our country, be without our labor force? For this reason, Liquid Packaging Solutions would like to thank all laborers across the United States and around the world! But specifically this Labor Day, LPS would like to give a special shout out to our own labor force, who have gone above and beyond, like many others, in this strange year.

LPS has remained open during the pandemic to meet the needs of packagers trying to get essential items out to the general public over the majority of this year. While this is always the goal of LPS, an influx of work has come from packagers increasing production of food, sanitizers, cleaners and other products that had sudden rises in demand due to quick increases in need. While process changed and safety protocols were put in place, the LPS team continued to work efficiently and, at times, extensively, to get machinery out the door and on to production floors. So this Labor Day LPS would like to give a special thank you to our own team for the effort they have put forth in 2020! Without our great administrative, engineering, parts, sales, service and production team, LPS could not serve our family of packagers - and for their hard work we will always be grateful!

Of course, LPS equipment would have little value without all the workers and businesses that use filling equipment, capping equipment, conveyors and other LPS machines to actually produce essential products. Whether operating automatic machinery or working more closely with semi-automatic packaging equipment, the workers of the United States are responsible for ensuring all necessary products have reached those in need. Maybe more than any other year, this Labor Day shows the importance of each and every individual worker who keeps our country moving forward on a daily basis. For all those who have made sacrifices and continue to make sacrifices on a daily basis, LPS wishes you a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend!

LPS will be closed on Monday, September 7th, 2020 in observation of Labor Day.