A Thank You to All Our Veterans

In the past few years, Liquid Packaging Solutions has shipped filling machines, capping machines, power conveyors and many other pieces of packaging equipment across the United States, into Canada, to Mexico and South America and even to several overseas packagers. In other words, we ship our packaging equipment to customers whenever and whereever they need it. Though not always at the forefront of our discussions on packaging machinery, we are well aware that our ability to provide packaging equipment on a worldwide basis today has a lot to do with the actions of our military men and women both past and present.

Of course, as packaging machinery manufacturers, our success depends on the success of those packaging products, including Food & Beverage Products. Even today, the military is arguably responsible for much of the innovation seen recently in our food and beverage products. Energy bars, canned goods, ready to eat foods and many other products that have become a staple in the diets of many Americans can be traced back to their roots in the military. Research and Development in the armed forces would necessarily involve looking at new ways to preserve food, prolong shelf life and deliver nutrients in an efficient manner in order to keep soldiers both safe and healthy. Few private corporations, if any, would have the resources or even the motivation to put in such effort on food science as does the military. So not only have the military and our veterans insured that our company has the freedom to do business as we do, they are also somewhat responsible for the creation of many of the products that we serve and the very machinery that we manufacture.

LPS also has another link to the military and our veterans in that some of our machinery has been put to use in war torn areas of the world. Probably the most direct link would be a mobile bottled water plant, manufactured to get clean, drinkable water to areas of the world that might otherwise find this resource scarce at best, including war torn areas and those hit by natural disasters. So though we here at LPS are well aware that we cannot ever repay every veteran for the service provided over the years, we are proud of what we can do to support each and every one of you and those that you have assisted around the world. And on this and every other day of the year, we say, with complete sincerity...

Thank You For Your Protection, Your Bravery, Your Service and Your Sacrifice 


Happy Veteran's Day!