Accessories for Cappers

Cap Sorting Elevators

Liquid Packaging Solutions offers a variety of capping accessories from vibratory bowls to cap sorting elevators. We would like to show you how the cap sorting elevator looks in motion. Click on the link below for a video clip.

Cap Sorting Elevators provide an efficient and cost effect method for delivering caps to a spindle capper chute at fast speeds. The operator simply loads the caps into the stainless steel bulk hopper. Caps then automatically feed up a conveyor belt with cleats. Caps traveling in the wrong orientation are automatically rejected. Caps that are not rejected feed into a C chute and are then ready for the capper chute.


Key Features - Cap Sorting Elevator

  • Portable frame on locking casters
  • Large capacity hopper
  • Inclined belt delivers caps from hopper to sorting bowl
  • Empty bowl sensor
  • Sensor bowl foot pedal sensor
  • Variable speed gear motor drive
  • Works with caps up to 110mm in diameter