Adding Packaging Machine Automation as Necessary with LPS

Every business is unique. Unique in the products they offer, where they offer them and how they offer them. But also unique in how they begin, how they package their products and how they grow. Some packagers may require automatic machinery from Day One if their demand outweighs their ability to produce products by hand. Other packagers may never have a need for fully automatic equipment, such as regional or craft producers, who only prepare a few hundred bottles or other containers of product each month. Finally, other packagers may start small and grow over the years, needing new automation as production demand rises. For any and all of these situations, Liquid Packaging Solutions can help with a packaging solution custom fit to any size business.

For larger packagers, LPS offers fully automatic lines that can rinse, fill and cap bottles and containers with minimal operator assistance. LPS also offers integration, allowing a packager to add OEM equipment such as induction sealers and labeling machines. The combination of manufacturing and integration allows packagers to find a complete line packaging solution without the need to shop a multitude of manufacturers.

For smaller businesses that want to speed up their packaging process but do not have the space, budget or need for a fully automatic line, LPS manufactures semi-automatic equipment. Semi-automatic machines include tabletop equipment such as filling machines and bottle cappers, allowing for an efficient packaging process using a very small footprint. These machines require an operator to assist with every cycle run but will generally add speed to the process while also offering benefits such as consistency and reliability to the process versus hand packaging items.

While almost all machinery manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions is upgradeable to a certain extent, certain semi-automatic machines are built with growth in mind. While a tabletop filling machine may start with two fill heads and allow a packager to add up to four more as the need arises, some full-frame semi-automatic filling machines are built with future automation in mind. These liquid fillers allow for semi-automatic production, but in the right circumstances can be upgraded with a conveyor, indexing system and PLC to allow for automatic production.

In addition to macnufacturing and automation, LPS also offers installation and training, as well as technical support and a parts department. Once the equipment arrives at the production facility, LPS is still available to help packagers identify and implement the ideal packaging system, even if that system changes over time.

To learn more about the different packaging machinery available, browse the LPS website. For help selecting the best packaging machinery for your own business, contact LPS directly at 219-393-3600.