Adding Rinsing Machinery - Factors To Consider

Many packagers, especially those new to packaging machinery, question the necessity of container cleaning equipment on their packaging line. Not every system will require bottle rinsing machines, but there are a number of factors to consider before deciding to include or not include such equipment. And while each and every project will present unique factors, there are several that are almost always relevant.


The first and often biggest factor in deciding whether or not to include container cleaning equipment on a packaging line is the product being packaged. If trace amount of dust or debris can contaminate or dilute a product's effectiveness, container cleaning equipment can be a good weapon to combat such issues. Foods, beverages, medicines, vitamins and other products for human consumption provide a good example of such items. Contamination of a food product can cause illness as well financial liability for a packager. Dilution of products such as cough syrups and other medicines can do the same. Bottle rinsing machines can be added to packaging lines for these products to assist in keeping the process itself sanitary and avoid contamination and dilution.


The entire packaging process must also be taken into account when choosing the equipment that will be used on a packaging line, including the manufacture, transportation and storage of the containers. Different packages are manufactured in different ways, with some leaving more residue or debris behind. For example, the manufacture of glass bottles may leave small remnants of glass inside bottles. Whether a product is ingested or not, glass inside the bottle is never an asset for a product. While packagers should always communicate with their bottle supplier to understand the process and what to expect upon delivery, container cleaning equipment can once again be used to combat such debris left in containers during the process of creating the container. Dust, debris and contaminants can also build up during the transportation or storage of containers before they ever reach the packaging line. A packager should analyze their own processes to decide if bottle rinsing machines will add a benefit to the packaging process.


Finally, packagers must consider the product as it will appear on the shelf. While the quality of some products may not be affected by trace amounts of dust or other debris inside a container, the simple appearance can be detrimental to consumer appeal. Products placed in clear containers may benefit from removing even the smallest debris, creating a higher aesthetic value as potential customers pass down an aisle. In addition to bottle rinsers, bottle washers can also be used to clean the outside of containers and help with product presentation as well.

Again, other factors may come into play for each unique packaging project. Some products may almost require rinsing or washing machinery, while others will leave the decision to the personal preference of the packager. If you are unsure whether container cleaning equipment such as bottle rinsing machines would benefit your own packaging line, contact Liquid Packaging Solutions to consult with a Packaging Specialist today.