ADI Expo Brings Together Every Aspect of Craft Distilling

LPS Packaging Specialists are back in the office following the trip to San Diego to participate in the American Distilling Institute's 2016 Spirit's Conference and Vendor Expo. This year's Conference and Expo once again offered tours, classes, seminars and an expo floor where distillers could view everything from still to bottles to labels and packaging machinery. Once again, LPS traveled with an overflow filling machine as a single sample of the equipment we manufacture for distillers across the country and around the world.

The ADI show allowed our representatives to touch base not only with some familiar faces but also with those newest to the spirits industry! And though the show was on the West Coast this year, we met some up and coming distillers from close to home and the East Coast as well. In addition, the fever seems to be spreading to Australia as several companies from down under visited LPS in Booth 717. Unfortunately, after several days of meeting, greeting and discussing projects, LPS had to leave sunny San Diego to return to Sweet Home Chicago - unfortunately only because we were greeted by something close to a blizzard! (Come on Spring, we know you're out there...)

Representatives are back in the offices today and looking forward to hearing from those we saw in San Diego with current projects! Of course, for those distillers who could not make the show this year, LPS Packaging Specialists are always available to discuss projects, plan visits, troubleshoot or provide any other necessary assistance. For distillers unfamiliar with the company, here is a quick overview:

Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc., manufactures packaging equipment for distilled spirits and many other industries in our La Porte, Indiana plant. From power conveyors to rinsing, filling and capping machinery, our equipment will be custom built to suit the individual, specific needs of each and every project. In addition to manufacturing, LPS offers services such as integration, installation and training on all equipment built, working as a partner with distillers and other industry professionals to allow for reliable and efficient packaging of products. Service technicians are always available by phone, or for visits on those rare occasions when hands-on help is needed. Our end goal is to be more than a manufacturer, but to also be a partner in each and every customer's endeavors.

A final thank you to everyone at the American Distilling Institute for a well-planned, well executed show, as well as everyone who stopped by Booth 717 for an introduction to our company and our employees! We look forward to another year of growth within the Distilled Spirits Industry and to seeing everyone at the 2017 Conference and Expo!