Liquid Packaging Machinery Replacement Parts - Conveyors

Conveyors can come in various shapes, sizes and types! From non-powered roller conveyors to aluminum and stainless steel power conveyors, Liquid Packaging Solutions can handle all of your conveyor replacement parts. Listed below are the most common conveyor replacement parts.

1. Belting

From empty boxes to full bottles, conveyor systems are used to move almost every product imaginable! The type of conveyor belt used on any given conveyor system is going to depend, in part, on the product being transported. LPS carries a wide range of conveyor belting in our parts department. Specialty conveyor belts, such as belts with flights or pucks, can also be ordered from LPS. If you have questions about the best belting for your packaging system, or if you need replacement belt for your conveyor system, you can reach the LPS parts department toll free at 1-888-393-3693!

2. Sprockets

The sprockets on your conveyor system hold the belt in place and allow your product to transfer smoothly from on station to the next on your packaging system. Different conveyor belts call for different sprockets! LPS stocks a wide range of sprockets for different types of conveyor belts. If you are unsure of which sprocket you need, you can email the LPS parts department with inquiries. Send your email to either Angela ( or Erik

3. Railing and Brackets

A key component of any conveyor system is the railing which hold the product to be conveyed in place as it moves down the packaging system. Some conveyor systems require double rails to hold product steady. Some conveyor systems may use aluminum railing, stainless steel railing, or even plastic railing. LPS stocks railing as well as components of the railing, such as L-brackets, wear strip and even the nuts and bolts to hold it all together.

4. Motors and Controllers

Most power conveyor systems are also variable speed conveyor systems. Thus, the motors and controllers play a large part in customizing a conveyor system to meet specific product needs. Heavy products traveling long distances will require more power than empty boxes moving ten feet! LPS stocks motors and controllers for almost any conveyor system, and special orders for custom projects are available within days!

The LPS staff, with decades of combined experience in the packaging industry, can help you put together a conveyor system designed specifically for your product needs. To discuss your packaging system, your current conveyor system, or plans for a completely new packaging project, call LPS toll free at: