Bottle Corkers Can Add Speed and Consistency to Packaging Lines

For distilleries, wineries and many other packagers, preparing product for the shelf may include repeatedly pressing down corks, T-corks or other similar closures to seal and secure the product in the bottle. While arguably not a difficult task, inserting and pressing corks into bottle openings can be a slow and tedious process when large numbers of cases need to get out the door! Bottle corking machines help to speed up the sealing process while also offering consistency and reliability to the corking task.

Bottle corking machines are available in both semi-automatic and automatic models. Though semi-automatic machines can only run as fast as the operator can place the cork and bottle combination under the corking head, these machines can be coupled with a tabletop or semi-automatic filling machine. This combination allows for a small footprint packaging solution utilizing one or more operators, depending on demand and necessary speed.

Automatic bottle corkers allow for continuous cork placement and securing by taking advantage of an automatic cork delivery system. Typically, a cleated elevator will be used to deliver the closures to a chute. The chute delivers the closures to the corking head, where it will be held until a bottle is in place. Once in place, the cork is pressed into the bottle. Servo-driven screw indexing ensures that the bottle will be properly located before the cork is pressed into place, avoiding such drawbacks as missed bottles, broken corks or tipping containers.

The automatic bottle corker will require an operator to set up the machine initially, based on the bottle and closures being used in the packaging. The operator will also be required to supply bulk corks to the feeding device on occasion. Otherwise, the bottle corker is a fully automatic machine that will seal bottles as they move down a power conveyor, allowing the corking machine to be integrated into just about any packaging line.

While the cork closures are more popular in the wine and distilled spirits industry, they can be used for a wide range of products as long as the correct containers are chosen for packaging the product. Visit the LPS website to learn more about bottle corkers, or watch an LPS corker in action on YouTube!